reaction vs no reaction at food challenge????


I have been a reader of the boards for a couple of years. Thanks for everybody's posts...I have found great support and gain much knowlege in reading them. This is my first post.. We recently took my daughter to a food challenge, her second one in two years after she had very low RAST scores (lower than 1, even a 0). Her results were optimistic, but to me, still in the "gray" area. She had some hives around her mouth and she reported some itchiness and her skin on her face became flushed in some areas. The allergist felt she was okay and kept up with the challenge. She ate about 12-15 Reese's Pieces and switched to a couple bites of Reese's pb cups. At this point, she reported to have a stomach ache and wanted to stop, which we did. She was not given benadryl and she seemed fine. The allergist felt she did not have a real reaction due to the amount of pb she ingested and her hives went away, but I am not so sure with even the appearance of hives, etc. I feel optimistic that she may be truly outgrowing her allergy, but wanted to see a totally "clear" reaction at all....The allergist(whom we have always respected and has a great reputation) feels our daughter shouldn't even have to sit at the peanut free table and can start to try "may contains, etc."....I am still very anxious...she is starting her first year of full day kindergarten in the Fall. I am not so sure I want to get laxer with the approach of school lunch, etc., until my daughter can totally pass a challenge without any sort of reaction. I also don't want school staff to feel that my daughter is not really allergic to nuts when she still may be. I want to protect her from mistakes until I know for sure she has no reactions, even mild to peanuts..Anyone have any experience with this type of situation? Was her response not a reaction...since it went away and she was able to tolerate that much peanut in her system?...any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for any feedback....

On Apr 13, 2006

I can see your hesitation. Yes, she may be outgrowing it but if that were my child, I'd still want the epi-pen handy at all times since she is still reacting (I agree with you, even small hives means that she is still reacting) and relaxing things at the school might make that difficult.

On Apr 13, 2006

That is such good news for you and your family. I would also still be cautious since peanut allergies are tricky and reaction degrees are not always consistent. I personally would not share the challenge results with the school and would have them treat her as if she is full blown allergic to peanuts. Then, you can have peace of mind that she will not likely have a reaction at school. Others who have outgrown peanut are normally advised to carry an epi with them for another year to make sure they are prepared just in case.

Best of luck and I hope this is the beginning of the end of this dreadful allergy for your child!!