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Well, my daughter had to have the Epi for the first time today. She had a bagel that was supposedly "nut-free." She initially said that her throat felt funny. I gave her Benydryl, and she felt better. She has had reactions like this with this symptom only, so I thought she was O.K. and I took her to school. I explained everything to the teacher and the nurse so they could watch her. Well, I got a call after she was there for about 30 minutes. She had vomited and they gave her the Epi. I took her to the ER and she was fine after that. They put her on a heart monitor because of the Epi.

Something I want to stress to everyone is tht th ER doctor didn't think that the vomiting was a symtptom. I told him of course it was, that she had this type of reaction before. But it is scary being in the ER and not feeling that they know what they are doing. He also said that her reaction would have been immediate.

Also, I called the bakery and they told me (as they had when I bought the bagels) that they were nut-free. They didn't make any other nut varieties, so I didn't think it was cross-contamination. I asked for an ingredient list and they told me that they didn't have one. I told them to get one and call me back. Well, they called back and the bagel had a small abount of walnuts. The bakery refused to change their sign at my request, stating they can't do anything without corporate approval. So, I will be calling their corporate office. I will also post under restaurants. It is Panera Bread in Pennsylvania and Ohio, with many new locations opening up.

On Feb 23, 2001

How is she doing now?? That's horrible! You think you're buying something safe for your daughter and it really has nuts in it. How scary. I hope you get somewhere with the corporate office. Take care. Deanna

On Feb 23, 2001

OY VEi, as we would say!!!! What in the world are walnuts doing in a bagel?????? No one should be able to call something like that a bagel. Sure hope they don't open up in NJ. They'll have to deal with me then [img][/img] Arlene

On Feb 23, 2001

We ate at Panera here in Chattanooga one time and they have no kid's menu other then PB&J. I did post a little about this experience under Living With A Peanut Allergy because there was a teenage boy there with some friends. He asked his friend if there were any peanuts on it and the guy said NO. He ate some of his friends sticky bun and then the friend replied, "Just walnuts." The PA kid looked absolutely frightened and staired at the kid and acted like he did not know what to do. The first thing I noticed was he did not have a Medic Alert bracelet and he did not have an Epi. I was ready to inject him with my son's EPi when the other guy said, "Just joking", with a great big smile on his face. I was ready to scream at the guy but my husband restrained me. The rest of the conversation consisted of how cool it was to go Trick or Treating with the PA boy because he gave away all of his nut containing candies. I will NEVER eat there again with my son. I just don't trust this restaurant because they make many other desserts (cookies, brownies, sticky buns) that do have some kind of nuts in it.

On Feb 23, 2001

Thanks, everyone for your responses. My daughter is totally fine now. I called the corporate office today. The person I spoke with was very aware of the severity of nut allergies. Apparently this company has had some type of incident in the past. He said that he doesn't feel that a person with nut allergies should eat anything there because of their baking procedures. I told his that I appreciatd his honesty, but they should really change their labeling and signs. Not to mention educating their staff. He promised to alert everyone, attempt to change the sign, and research the issue further. I gave him both this website and FAAN's. So. at least I felt like I got somewhere with that.

On Feb 23, 2001

CarolynM., I was sorry to read of your daughter's reaction, especially to something you had been ensured was safe. What troubles me about your original post is the ignorance of the doctor in emerg. A reaction does not have to occur immediately. In fact, part of your daughter's reaction DID occur immediately and that's why you gave her the Benadryl. I don't have a time frame, but I know from personal experience with my son, that the other symptoms of anaphylaxis, including vomiting, do not have to occur immediately.

I only know this from his 2nd reaction, which was his first anaphylactic one. With his third reaction, all of the symptoms of anaphylaxis progressed very quickly. But, I would say that it took a good half an hour with his 2nd reaction for ANY symptoms to appear and then they developed somewhat slowly, say, over fifteen minutes to half an hour.

It actually frightens and disturbs me when we, as medical consumers, know more than the people we're "purchasing" services from, especially with something like PA.

I'm glad to hear that your daughter is okay though and that you followed up with the company and got a good response.

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Feb 24, 2001

Cindy, thanks for your response. I totally with you about the ER doctor. I called our pediatrician about this and he wasn't concerned about it at all. (Which upset me, of course) He said that whatever the Dr. was thinking, it still didn't change the treatment. He said that we always have to be advocates for our children, family members, etc., where ever they are being treated, for what ever reason. We should always monitor things like this. I do agree with him on that, but I worry about what would happen if I wasn't there. What if someone from the school would have taken her to the ER instead of me? She would probably have been fine, but it would be nice to trust the Dr. who is treating her. Especially with something that seems so prevalent.

On Feb 28, 2001

I'm glad to hear your DD is better, but horrified that it happened at all. And really, walnuts in a bagel? My grandparents must be rolling in their graves! [img][/img]


On Feb 28, 2001

Dear Carolyn Glad to her your daughter is feeling better now too. Our family doctor admits freely that she feels we know more about peanut allergy than she does and asks us a lot of questions. Your experience with the ER doctor shows that just because they are the doctors they aren