Reaction to walking on peanut shells? Also safe way to clean off shoes?

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This may sound stupid,

I don't get out much I have severe allergies and medical conditions. I went to park with family members, I went to sit in a pavilion and I heard a crunch under my foot. Horrified I saw I was walking on peanut shells. The worst part I was wearing shorts and my running shoes, which aren't very protective.

Can you get reactions from just walking on the shells? I'm itchier then usual tonight, and throats a bit itchy. Maybe I'm putting to much thought into it. I only worry a bit more then I should because I don't have an EPI nor any medical help.

When I noticed the shells I jumped in the grass, walked around on the grass and rubbed the shoes in some dirt but, wondering if there is a safe way to handle and clean the shoes? I have them at the front door so I'm not walking through the house also washing the socks separate from a normal load of whites just to be extra careful.