Reaction to Tings


My 3 y.o. son had a reaction to Tings yesterday. He said that his tongue "felt like someone was tickling it". He then said that it itched. A little later he vomited once. He was watched like a hawk, and he had no other of his "usual" reaction (swelling, hives, cough/asthma, etc.). So we decided not to give the Epi. He was fine later, and is fine today.

So I emailed the company to see what could have happened. BTW- he is also allergic to wheat and dairy, but neither of these two foods were mentioned. He has eaten Tings for 2 years with no other issue. It does contain sunflower oil, but he eats Sun Butter with no problems, so he obviously is not allergic to sunflower seeds. frustrating [img][/img]

On Nov 28, 2005

What is a "Ting"? I've never heard of that, is it Canadian?

On Nov 28, 2005

Tings have a U-D on the package - on the back not near the ingredients list. They have cheese varieties for some of their snacks. I have read of other dairy allergic children reacting to Tings so we avoid assuming there is a cross contamination problem.

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On Nov 28, 2005

My ds reacted to their Fruity Booty. I was told when I called that they clean the lines thorougly, but do use milk products. My ds said his throat hurt right after eating and asked me to make it go away. I gave him Benadryl, and he said it didn't hurt anymore after that.

I'm assuming it was milk contamination....My ds is also allergic to milk and eggs. Meg

On Nov 28, 2005

Sorry about the reaction. I hope your child is feeling better.

We stopped using them since I read on another allergy site that they use nuts in there facility and they also make alot of products with soy which my dd is highly allergic to as well. I believe the site was

Let us know what you find out.

On Nov 30, 2005

(Waving to Bailey)

Caitlin reacted to them, and we don't know why.. nor do we really 'care'.

Tried once, reacted. End.

Whether it was xcontam with dairy, wheat, or something else, no idea...

[I] thought they were cheesy tasting... no dairy though... nutritional yeast is a MIGHTY protein, though, perhaps overload?

For me? [I] would eat them. Not the kids.


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On Nov 30, 2005

Tings are a snack food. They are available in the US- I don't know about Canada. They look just like a cheeto, but without the cheese. My son has eaten them for years and never had a problem. He is allergic to gluten/wheat and dairy. I'm guessing it's the dairy he reacted to.

I must say, though, that the company has been really great through all of it. They are sending UPS this week to pick up a sample of the Tings to get them tested. They once again stated that there are no nuts of any kind in their facility. They do use dairy and wheat.