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My 3 year old daughter has a severe allergy to peanuts-and we think it's just peanuts... But it seems that last night she had an allergic reaction to the soap we were using-bath and body works lemon verbena soap. she got bad hives- luckily, benadryl seemed to do the trick. Has anyone ever had a reaction to soap- there is shea butter in the soap-could that be it? A

On Mar 26, 2005

It may not be the soap. I have noticed that both my daughter (PA and TNA) and my son (egg allergy) will sometimes have delayed allergic reactions (hives) to foods brought on by the warm water of the bath. There may have been a minor reaction (slightly puffy lips or complaint of itchiness) initially, then at bathtime the hives really come out.

I hope this helps!

On Mar 26, 2005

I believe they use almond oil in their products, so we stay away from them even though our DS is only PA.

On Mar 26, 2005

My dd also had a horrible reaction to their products. She was using one of the children's products. I know that their products contain almond oil and shea butter. Both tree nuts but DD is PA/TNA. I reacted to their lotion which has almond oil in it recently but I reacted before that, too. I would stay away from their products personally.

I hope you little one is okay.


On Mar 26, 2005

I've also seen macadamia nut oil in Bath & Body Works lotion. It's possible that all their products are cross-contaminated given how many of their products contain various types of nut oils.


On Mar 26, 2005

Yeah, it's was definitely the soap- actually the night before her bad reaction, she had a small amount of hives after bathing- that was the first time using the soap- i should of guessed the connection. Tonight i used a different soap and no trouble. hope to discover what exactly caused the reactions, i suspect it was shea butter. Anyway,i'm staying away from bath and body works... she's fine now, thanks for asking.A

On Mar 27, 2005

I can only use soaps made without preservatives. Your daughter could just have sensitive skin. I'll get hives from anything with added fragrance, preservatives (parabens are a horrid one), various other additives, etc.

My current soap contains saponified olive oil and rosemary. The rosemary helps my eczema, but I otherwise buy plain old olive oil soap with no other ingredients.


On Mar 27, 2005

Krasota i'd like to know what brand soap you are using and what laundry detergent you are using. i'm starting to suspect it wasn't the soap but my new detergent....Anyone have advice on that- are there any products that are good for allergy folks that sill smell good?

The thing is, when she gets hives i freak out because that's how her reaction to peanuts start...i never know if it's life threatening or not

On Mar 27, 2005

well, it still could be the soap as well. shea butter should be avoided for nut allergic. that being said, my dd is allergic to peanuts, milk and egg. the soap we use and always use is dove -- plain white (do not use sensitive skin dove because it has almond oil in it). we use arm & hammer sensitive skin laundry detergent, all or tide sensitive skin as well.

On Mar 27, 2005

We use the ALL free and clear Detergent.

On Mar 27, 2005

The only thing that smells good to me is the smell of CLEAN--unadulterated by fragrance and **** like perfume. [img][/img]

I use soap made by a local soapmaker. She does have an online store, I think it's at [url=""]Organic Soaps & Balms[/url] . If you have a local organic market or farmer's market, you should be able to find a simple castile soap.

I use ALL free & clear detergent in very small amounts, with vinegar added to the rinse cycle in lieu of fabric softener. People who use Tide and Downy aren't welcome in my home--I break out in hives when they're nearby and I won't let my own home become contaminated.


On Apr 1, 2005

We use (whole family) use Tom's of Maine moisturizing body bar which comes in unscented, lavender, and calendula (I use unscented on the kids and love the lavender for myself). I called and they assured me there are no ingredients from peanut, tree nut or egg derivitives. I buy it at Wegman's but I know they sell it at many health food stores. Here's the link and ingredients for the unscented bar.


Soaps of coconut and palm - Cleansing - (Coconut and palm oils and soda ash )

Glycerin - Moisturizing - (Vegetable oil)

Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) - Conditioning - (Soybeans (Glycine max))

Jojoba oil - Moisturizing - (Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) seeds)

Olive oil - Moisturizing (Olives (Olea europaea))

Rosemary extract Guard - freshness (Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) leaves)

Ascorbyl palmitate Guard freshness Vitamin C and palm oil

Chamomile oil Odor balancing Roman

chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile) flowers

On Apr 18, 2005

hiya -

I have to *always* look on cosmetic products for almond (a.k.a. shea butter), macadamia nut, brazil nut, etc. oils - also in body scrubs for walnut shell. This includes anything that touches my body including soap, shampoo, conditioner. I am TNA and PA.

I found out by accident what shea butter was when a Bath & Body works employee put some lotion on my hand. I read the ingredients and asked what shea butter was and she told me almond. B/c she saw the hives reaction, I got a $50 gift certificate out of it :-)


On Apr 18, 2005

Some bath and body works contain milk ingredients.

I used to have a hanging verbena plant. Everytime I would water, deadhead, trim the darn plant, I would get a nasty itchy rash on my forearms.

On Apr 19, 2005

hi Alexis,

I did some Googling to find out more about Shea butter products...such disagreement with us all! Anyhoot - I know I'm allergic to it and I am also severe PA and TNA.

Question: Does your daughter also have a latex sensitivity? I ask b/c one of the websites I found had a warning about Shea butter and shea products, that those who are latex sensitive or allergic have an increased risk at being allergic to shea products. I myself am latex allergic too. How can you tell? Does your daughter get a rash around bandaids (mostly made w/ latex)??


On Apr 20, 2005

I don't think she has an allergy to latex, but i have stopped using shea butter soap. Tom's of maine stuff has been great- mild and kiss my face olive oil soap has helped with her excema. Thanks for all the input.A

On Jun 2, 2005

Hi, Many soaps, shampoos, conditioners and sunscreens of many brands have various nut oils. You need to always read the labels.

On Jun 2, 2005

My 20 year old PA son reacts to almost all bath and beauty products like shave cream etc. We stick to very simple stuff, and again avoiding anything with multiple ingredients. You just never know what is connected to what. Peg

On Jun 2, 2005

I thought I'd replied earlier, but apparently not so. Several Bath & Body products contain *hydrolyzed vegetable protein* which can indicate peanut (if it's not specified as something other than peanut, you have to assume it is).

I had a shampoo--the Bergamot Coriander Aromatherapy shampoo--and my head itched and itched after using it. Sure enough--hydrolyzed veg. protein. A shampoo I'd bought before also had it--and made my head itch. Chamomile does the same thing to me, since I'm allergic to it, too, but chamomile wasn't in these two shampoos.

As far as the shea butter goes, there are several threads about that. But I wouldn't equate it with almonds, based on the research I did on shea butter a few years ago.