Reaction to Smell


Can a reaction to smell be anaphylactic?

Our son had his first(?) smell reaction last week. All he got was a few hives on his face and had watery eyes with a runny nose. Benadryl took care of it, thankfully.

He takes an antihistamine daily. We are instructed to give Benadryl on top of it for reactions. I wonder if it's the large amount of meds. in his system that keep more serious reactions at bay?

He has had an anaphylactic reaction due to ingestion, but never to touch or smell.

------------------ Peanut/Nut-free wishes, Victoria

On Apr 28, 2001

You will probably want to use the "search" feature on this website as this has been discussed many times. Try "smell" and "airborne" or "casual contact" as well.

Our allergy doc. told us that it is rare for shock to occur from smell but that it was possible. Some cases have been documented.

On Apr 28, 2001

There are people who can have severe reactions just to the food allergin being airborne. My daughter breaks out in terrible hives if she is in the same room as cashews. An annaphlaxtic reaction is more rare though.