Reaction to skin test

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When your child had the skin test did they feel bad afterwards? I just wondered because when he had his 1st reaction he swelled really bad and was congested for several days after, is that going to happen with the skin test?

On Mar 6, 2006

My oldest son had skin testing and because he was reactive to so many things, he was a mess for a few days. His back looked like huge mosquitoes got a hold of him. He had no asthmatic problems, just all skin reaction. My youngest on the other hand (both non-PA) just had skin testing done and since he only reacted to the histamine spot, he was fine in minutes. I guess it just depends on what your child reacts to. Since our PA son had a definite PA reaction, the allergist did a blood test on him instead. That way he could monitor the level in his blood over time (unfortunately when we retested before kindergarten it had gone up substantially). I hope it goes well for you!

On Mar 6, 2006

Hi, DS has an appt. to go back to the allergist this month. He wants to do another skin test. On his first skin test, DS didn't show any symptoms at first. I gave him Benedryl before bed just as a preventative. Good thing. When he got up the next day his eyes were almost swollen shut. They stayed like that until the next evening. I felt so bad because I didn't know that they could have a reaction like that just from a skin prick. At this next appt. I am just going to get a blood test done and anything that is "questionable" I will then get a skin test done for. Hopefully he doesn't have anymore food allergies. (big hopes) So far he is allergic to eggs, peanuts, and peas. We will be checking for treenuts, fish, shellfish, legumes, and whatever else I can think of. Any suggestions for that? lol Well, good luck with everything. Hope all goes well.