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We spent last Sunday in the emergency room after my daughter at an Oreo at church. We usually never allow her to eat cookies anywhere but at home but when I saw that the cookies on the plate were Oreos, I told her it was OK as Oreos have been on our OK list. NO MORE! I thought her reaction must have been to another cookie touching the Oreo or some other cross-contamination. No. The next day I looked at Oreos in the grocery store and saw that some varieties have peanut flour. There was also no allergy labeling. This was my fault as I did allow her to eat something without having a package to read. I relied on old information that Oreos were peanut-free. I tend to trust companies that do allergy labeling and Nabisco has used allergy labeling in the past. I will always read ingredients and never trust old information. I will not buy Nabisco products.

On Feb 6, 2003

I'd be very curious to know which Oreos you saw that had peanut flour? I know the chocolate ones and the plain regular oreos are safe... no peanut flour in them .. at least not on the last package I bought! I was also told by nabisco that the regular oreos were not made on any shared lines.


On Feb 6, 2003

please do let us know which flavor oreo (or what area you are from). we are in missouri and the oreos here (just the chocolate and the regular) are so far safe - at last according to the label on the pkg. what on earth would we do without oreos around here??? it's one of the only things the kids have come to depend on being able to have. we never buy any flavor other than those two. i have to admit i've gotten too comfortable and haven't even been reading the labels on the oreos lately. your post reminds me to stay on my toes even when i think i know something is safe. please give us more info. when you can. sorry about the reaction. glad to hear everything is okay. joey

btw: i have just recently started noticing "peanut flour" in foods at the store. i have never really come across that before.

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On Feb 6, 2003

Hi Lisa & Joeybeth,

The Oreo's containing peanut flour are the new [b]Mint[/b] Oreo's and the new [b]Coffee & Cream[/b] Oreos. These 2 new flavors are manufactured on the same line as the new [b]Peanut Butter[/b] Oreo's.

My son continues to eat Doublestuff Oreo's without any problems and Nabisco informed me if there was any chance of cross contamination they would label it on their package.

------------------ Stay Safe!


On Feb 6, 2003

Rainey Sea:

We almost encountered the same situation as you. Here is an excerpt from an earlier post I made:

"Just a word of warning...if you see oreos outside of a package, don't assume they are the original oreos. We saw some at our church on a plate and they looked like regular oreos but were actually the new peanut butter oreos. You could NOT tell by looking at them!"

I hope your child is alright now! Sorry you all went through that experience.

On Feb 6, 2003

this really highlights the need to remind our kids to always ask US first before eating anything - even IF they feel certain it's okay. i got chills reading that last reply because i feel certain my girls would just assume they were the plain oreos they eat at home all the time. can you imagine them inadvertantly getting hold of one of those other types? especially the peanut butter? i'm so glad this topic was posted and that i read the replies. joey

On Feb 6, 2003

I feel for you. We were recently at a funeral and at the reception afterward the only desert I let my children eat were the oreos. So do not beat yourself up. We all would have assumed they are safe. As for peanut flour. Keebler cookies are now using peanut flour in a lot of their cookies. Nesquick cereal uses peanut flour. Good luck


On Feb 6, 2003

Rainey Sea,

I re-raised the thread on the Manufacturer's Board regarding the new Oreo's.

I hope your child is okay now! With so many *new* foods coming out these days, especially with peanut butter being added to the norm, we have to be diligent more than ever now. [img][/img]

I feel your frustration...not to change the subject of Oreo's but I was in the grocery store the other day and Barilla has come out with a new pasta of Tortellini(Sp)? with the back of the ingredients...[b]peanut flour[/b]! Ugh!!!

The manufacturers board is a godsend here because members are constantly posting about unsafe foods...I've learned to start there anytime a new food comes out.

------------------ Stay Safe!


On Feb 6, 2003

Just want to pipe in again and say that I agree w/ pamom not to beat yourself up. We had been letting our son eat the oreos on a plate after church as well but had only stopped a few Sundays before because we where avoiding whey (a milk protein in Oreos) trying to get to the bottom of his stomach pain. People didn't realize they were the peanut butter oreos until they bit into them. I walked past someone picking one up of the floor who smelled it and he quietly said to me that it smelled like peanut butter. Needless to say, our son isn't allowed to eat any food off that table again unless I can read a label.

Is it possible for you to find out which variety they were?

On Feb 6, 2003

i noticed peanut flour listed as an ingredient in sunflower seeds the other day. there were only 2 ingredients - sunflower seeds and peanut flour. what on earth would the peanut flour be for?? or, i guess it could be labelled that way since it was "may contain " or "processed in ..." i wonder what the deal with peanut flour is. joey

On Feb 6, 2003

Thank you for all of your replies. And thank you Connie for posting which Oreos have peanut flour. I have also seen peanut flour in tortellini, cheese crackers, and gravy mix. Thanks again, Rainey

On Feb 6, 2003

Rainey- So sorry this happened. I hope DD and you have recovered. We have been noticing peanut flour in lots of things lately, too. There is a description of it at [url=""][/url] : Peanut Flour Description



Use/Sensory Qualities

Functional Properties/Characteristics

Comments: Peanut flour has been used as a replacement in a variety of baked products to replace animal proteins. Peanut flour blends well with cereal flour to yield products with excellent flavor texture and color. It has been observed that peanut flour can be used at levels up to 20% to provide protein supplmentation without an off flavor. However, unfortunately, this flour is particularl susceptible to lipid oxidation because of the high polyunsaturated fatty acid content in both the triglyceride and polar lipid portion. Even with defatting, there still remains a portion that will undergo oxidation. Certainly, roasting will decrease this problem as it will denature the lipoxygenase, a enzyme catalyst for the reaction.

Excerpt from

Warren, A.B., D.L. Hnat, and J. Michnowski. 1983. Protein fortification of cookies, crackers, and snack bars: uses and needs. Cereal Foods World 28(8): 441 - 444.

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On Feb 10, 2003

I've been thinking that for labeling purposes, using the words "peanut flour" takes up less room than putting "may contain peanuts" or "made on equipment that .....". I noticed on a few labels (like the Oreos Mint) it says peanut flour, but doesn't have the "may contain" warning.

On Feb 10, 2003

kathl: good point. i have gotten kind of used to looking for that allergy warning on the label and have to remind myself over and over...."read the whole the whole label.." i have a fear of feeding my kids something i've purchased that has no warning but DOES have peanuts listed somewhere hidden in the ingredient list. it does pay to read the whole thing, doesn't it? especially now that so many food items have strange ingredients that weren't used before. (peanut flour...) joey

On Feb 10, 2003

Just when we start to get comfortable, we come here to find out that now there is PEANUT FLOUR in our kids cookies. Is this something us Canadians have to worry about??!!!I know that my DS knows what cookies he can have but if some Oreos have this ingredient and yet looks like a normal cookie, how is he to tell!!! He is nine and has done well with this issue in his life.I hate to scare him but I am going home after work and telling him not to ever eat Oreo's unless I give it to him. I would hate to have come this far with only two allergy attacks in his life, to possibly lose him to an honest mistake. How do we deal??

On Feb 11, 2003

I don't want to sidetrack this thread, but "joeybeth" when I read that you live in Missouri, I checked your profile and found that you are just miles away in CJ. We live in Webb City. I tried to e-mail you, but it came back to me. Would you please send me an e-mail? I would like to bounce some "Southwest Missouri" PA issues off of you. THANKS!!