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Reaction to Homeopathic Treatments? Need Help...

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Hi Everyone,

My DS Ronan (just turned 2, about 37" tall and about 33 pounds) has been seeing a homeopath for about 3 weeks now. He's allergic to everything under the sun, PA, anaphylactic to dairy, eggs, environmental and food allergies, plus eczema and asthma.

The homeopath started him out on Flower Essences (pretty innocuous, I think). He's on 10 of them: Phacelia, White Rose, Daisy, Orchid, Camellia, Hawthorn, Poppy, Nicotiana, Anemone, and Lotus. 1 pilule 3x daily (I put them in his juice). At the same time she started him on 1/4 tsp of Bifidus 2x daily.

The following week she added a tincture for fungal infections (contains: Aspergillus niger D12 1ml, Candida Albicans D30 1 ml, Chlamydia trachomatis D30 1ml, Echinacea angustifolia D12 1ml, Mycosis fungoldes D12 1ml, Penicillinum D12 1ml, Tecoma D6 3 ml, Zincum metallicum D10 1 ml 36 vol % Alcohol).

The next week she added a tincture for building up his immune system. (it contains: Aconitum 4x, Baptisia 3x, Echinacea pup. 1x, Eupatorium perf 2x, Thuja 12x, Sambucus nigra 2x Alcohol 64% vol.)

On the tinctures I put them in hot water to burn off the alcohol before giving them to Ronan.

Next week she wants to start him on digestive enzymes.

At the same time I am giving him 500 mgs of Evening Primrose oil a day. Also a calcium supplement, a multivitamin and Iron. I was giving him these things before the homeopathic meds without any problems.

Since I started the tinctures Ronan has been urinating unbelievable amounts (for him). He's also been drinking a lot more fluids but I'm starting to worry. He used to need his diaper changed 3-4 times a day and even then they weren't that wet (except for his morning diaper). Now it's 5-6 times a day and they're soaked through. They're as heavy as lead weights. He used to nurse a couple of times a day and have 3 cups of juice. Now he nurses 4-5 times a day and drinks 4-5 cups of juice.

I don't know much about homeopathic meds. This practitioner came highly recommended by 3 different people. She has a thriving practice. We're seeing her again on Friday so I will ask her about this. But I'm worried. Could I be giving him something that is putting his kidneys into overdrive? Or his liver? Could I be doing harm to him by giving him these things? Or is it just his system flushing itself out? He had copious amounts of mucuous coming out of every orifice 2 weeks ago (including his eyes).

The frequent urination is the only thing that I notice. He hasn't been eating as much lately but he goes through stages.

Does anyone have any advice or information? Or can anyone refer me to a website that might? I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

On Dec 11, 2000

Hi Barb1123

I certainly don't claim to know a lot about homeopathic remedies and I don't know of any web sites, but I can share some of what I do know or have read.

Approximately one year ago, one of our Toronto newspapers ran a well researched story on homeopathic remedies. They had an independent lab test specific remedies of various companies to determine their composition. They were surprised to find out that many of these remedies did not contain the specific strength of dose listed, but also contained other "drugs" that were not listed. I specifically recall one remedy that was meant to help with falling asleep, but was found to contain an addictive type sedative. These people had to wean off the remedy to avoid withdrawal.

I have spoken with a pharmacist regarding some of these remedies, specifically glucosamine sulphate. It is very popular right now, being taken for arthritic conditions. In Canada, regulated drugs, vitamins, etc. have what is called a DIN (drug identification number). With this number on the bottle, you are assured you are getting what is listed, and only what is listed. Glucosamine sulphate, manufactured by any company and sold in Canada does not carry a DIN, and I don't believe any of our homeopathic remedies carry one either. It is therefore unregulated, and essentially buyer beware.

I would want to know if there are clinical trials to show that these remedies are actually doing what they are supposed to do.

Is there any monitoring of your son with, for example blood work or urine sample, especially if he is urinating so much? Why did you decide to try this route?

I know that some people swear by these remedies and there are some "success" stories, but, based on that article and their research and its lack of regulation, I would be concerned about their true contents. I would also be concerned that eventually there could be something in one of them that your son is allergic to.

On Dec 13, 2000

I use homeopathic remedies, and something in my memory is telling me that those pilules are in some kind of milk or lactose based solution. I couldn't find any indication of that on the tubes I have, but I recall hearing that or reading it. So, ask your homeopath about that, although I don't see why that would make him pee more. I would just see what she says about the urination. It may be a desireable result of something she has him taking.

Please post again after your next appointment. I am curious about what she says.

On Dec 13, 2000

Barb1123, I have some information for you but I suggest that you visit a local library and check some of these therapies for yourself in a variety of alternative medicine and mainstream medicine texts. There are some really good sources of information out there. I often help people research the therapies recommended by their homeopaths and I use some homeopathic remedies myself from time to time. Also, I have used a variety of sources and if you email me I can provide a detailed list. I am a librarian/researcher not a medical expert in any way so this is not advice just reporting on what I found. I hope it is helpful.

Hawthorn is used to treat heart related ailments and circulation disorders and has two side effects: sedation and low blood pressure. It is not recommended for children. Poppy a major source of codeine and morphine and can be addictive and may be problematic especially in children. Poppyseeds are safe. Anemone can cause kidney and urinary tract irritation. It is not often used now because it is considered to be a possible carcinogen [it may cause cancer in some individuals] and because allergic reactions are common. Its most frequent use is to treat spasmodic pain of the reproductive system. Nicotiana is another name for tobacco and it is no longer recommended for homeopathic use. White rose is used to alleviate gastric inflammation and for nourishing young children but it is a diuretic and increases urination. Thuja is a product that all sources agreed should never be used because of the convulsions it may cause. It is also a diuretic. Wild Indigo which is the common name for Baptisia is a strong antiseptic and immunostimulant and must be used with caution in children. Sambucus nigra is also known as elder and is an anti-inflammatory, increases sweating and is a diuretic. Elder leaves or stems should be avoided because they contain cyanide. Eupatorium perfoliatum is Boneset. This is a laxative and diuretic and it reduces fever by encouraging sweating. It also loosens phlegm. Aspergillus niger has been reported to cause skin and pulmonary infections.It is a common cause of fungal related ear infections-otomycosis.

Also you may want to check with your doctor about the vitamins, calcium and iron. The poison control web site reports that iron from regular use of vitamins is one of the leading causes of overdose poisoning in the U.S. Also, vitamin A in children needs to be carefully adjusted because overdosing has serious side effects. The poison control center telephone number in your telephone book will have more information on that.

There is lots of good information out there. The Germans have done a lot of research about long term effects of homeopathic medicines because they are regulated in that country.

I hope this helps. At least the diuretics help explain the increased urination, perhaps? Take care

On Dec 14, 2000

Wow! It looks like Kathryn took take of most of that list!

I also have several references that deal with herbs. I work at a Birth Defect Hotline (mainly prevention, thank heavens) and every year we get more and more calls from pregnant women who want to take herbal supplements.

Now, I believe you are from Ireland, right? I should've checked first. Anyway, a good book to start researching these herbs is the "PDR for Herbal Medicines." Although I'm not sure if a library would carry it. PDR=Physicians Desk Reference. Our sets of PDR's are our bibles. I think that if you want to start researching these things, you need to find a good, non-partisan book, so to speak. Be wary of the books who seem to have an extreme agenda-one way or the other. They should have things like the names and nicknames of the herbs, they should describe the medicinal parts of the plants, the compounds, indications and usage, precautions and adverse reactions, dosage, and plenty of references to back up their data. (Speaking of the references, I'm looking closely at the ones in my book, and wouldn't you know it, it's gotta be 99% German).

Now let's see if I can add any more info on some of these herbs. Camellia Sinensis (aka Green Tea, black tea, Chinese tea). It's indications/usage is for stomach disorders, vomiting and diarrehea when taken as a beverage. There are no health hazards known with the proper dosages (no more than 300 mg/day). It appears to be high in caffeine, so it is not recommended for pregnant women. No info on children, but I think we can assume that a lot of caffeine isn't good for them.

I definitely can agree with Kathryn that Nicotiana Tabacum should not be ingested at all. The precautions and side effects: The leaves are severly poisonous. The chief toxin is nicotine, that can be reabsorbed through the skin. The lethal dosage for nicotine is between 40 to 100 mg. The only indications for this herb is nicotine replacement therapy for smokers.

Oenothera Biennis (aka Evening Primrose). It is used for neurodermatitis, pms, and as a dietary aid. The drug is also used to treat hyperactivity in children and lower high cholesterol. The dosage (for adults, I can't find anything on children) is 0.5 gm x 3 times a day in doses of 1 to 2 capsules. There are no health hazards or side effects known with the proper dosages.

I can't seem to find any of the tincture ingredients for fungal infections, but I suppose it'll turn up with a little work.

Oh yeah, I also agree that you are going to have to watch that iron intake carefully. That multivitamin probably has iron in it, so the additional iron supplementation may make it dangerous.

Reading your first paragraph, shall I assume that your child is on medications for at least the asthma if not the eczema? I really, really, really, hope that you have, or will, speak to your primary care physician if your son is on prescribed medications and also taking these herbal supplements. The field of herbs has not been studied very well with regards to it's interactions with other drugs.

Anyway, take care and email me if you want some references on these herbs (and I hope you know German!) lol [img][/img]


On Dec 14, 2000

Caution, caution, caution!

is what I say about Homeopathic rememdies- We tried it and even though my son was older than yours and said he felt better- has all the health problems as your son before homeopathic medicine. WE STOPPED IT AND WILL NOT GO BACK HERE'S WHY

1. kids with lots of food allergies can develop more.(sesame oil was used in his treatment- now his CAP RAST is off the charts to sesame. SO he has 7 food allergies now.

2. Echinacea is contra indicated for child with asthma/food allergies- life threatening reactions can result.

3. Homeopathic doctor we saw was opposed to using antiboitics - so when his skin got bad no antiboitic was prescribed nor was I informed that it was a skin infection- by the time we took him to specialist it has been more than a year getting rid of infection-and he had to go on low dose once a day antiboitic which now he been on more than a year.

I'm not a doctor but I think "natural" isn't the way to go

I hope you stop homeopathic remedies for now check with his regular doctor to find out why he has increased thrist ,etc- he may have problem with handling sugar I don't know- but blood test could tell that

4. When I put child on antiboitic I informed the doctor prescribing homeopathic meds- boy was she ready to take his photo as proof of her successful treatment (really she knew his skin would be improved fromthe antibiotic.

Sorry this is so long I hope everything goes well with your child. I believed and thought I saw positive results at 1st trying homeopathic but it really didn't work for my son. I'm sticking with traditional treatments even though it's no cure(food alvoidance and all the daily skin care of lotions, medications, etc.


On Dec 14, 2000

I'm wondering if everyone is talking about true homeopathic remedies, or herbal remedies. There is a big difference. Homeopathic remedies are highly diluted and go through a vigorous shaking procedure. They are so diluted that it is my understanding that you cannot even find a single molecule of the the original substance. This is why no one understands why they work. It seems that you couldn't become allergic to something that's not really there. So Barb and Jan, could you tell me if this was strictly homeopathic medicine, or was it some herbal also? I thought true homeopathic remedies were pretty safe.

On Dec 15, 2000

Hi the sources I checked were for homeopathic remedies some of which were herbal oriented. All medicines, natural or synthetic may have side effects and may interact with other homeopathic or mainstream medicines. Many of the homeopathic associations and agencies like the FDA and the AMA are working hard to get that message out there: you need to know what the benefits and risks are for anything you take to treat a condition.

On Dec 15, 2000

Barb, the doctor is board certified to treat adults and children. She is a rather popular Holistic doctor. (expensive, too)We did the very diluted drops collected from his skin and then put in machine that was suppose to make "image" of it, he was also on herbal rememdies and protein supplement(which contained the sesame).(About 12 different things) She wanted to have us get samples of environment by running clean cloth over things at home and school- we never did that because son at the time had 7 environmental >100 on the CAP RAST and peanut was greater than 100 too- we checked with food allergist who stated possible danger for our son if we went that method. For some reason with person with eczema may not get relief with the drops (or the tradititional allergy shot treatments) and their skin may get a lot more severe and they may go into shock as small increased doses still may not be small enough. Allergist was quite clear on dangers of the under the tongue treatments being potentially unsafe.

I wish I kept my info on all this but I didn't see it in the file where I have his testing results. I hope this helps and best to success to you in caring for your son.


On Dec 15, 2000

Hi again Barb 1123,

I found his work sheet form 2 1/2 years ago

acidephodus bifidus (strawberry flavored- son now tested allergic to strawberries)

Papaya enzyme

Chew Multi- Vitamin (we cleared ingredeints though company and still can use this)

AF Betafood (from beets I think)

Drenatrophin( for adrenal gland as holistic doc believed this may make him less likely ot develop sugar)

Sweet root (drops all the below)

Antronex dairy,grain trees, mold, grasses environmental Aloe Vera

We stopped the sesame one before this time.

By the way my son is ten now and as had these health issues since he was a newborn we just didn't know the scope of it until later. Take Care,


On Dec 18, 2000

Wow, now I'm totally freaked out. I really appreciate everyone's information. I'm sorry that I haven't been on-line for a few days to pick this all up. I was suspicious that something wasn't quite right. However, this homeopath came so highly recommended and she has a thriving practice. Also, she seemed quite knowledgeable and would explain to me at length about dosages and which tinctures, flower essences, etc. were appropriate for children. I have questioned her about some of the ingredients in the remedies in the past and she has said that the amounts are so infintisimal (sp) as to not be there at all.

I asked her about the frequent urination and she said that it was his body clearing itself out. She said she wasn't giving him anything that would cause the frequent urination. However now I am convinced this isn't the case. I would appreciate any on-line references that I can refer to as I'm living in rural Ireland and there is not a chance that I will find anything in the local library. The homeopath said that he's peeing more because he's drinking more but I know believe that he's drinking more because he's becoming dehydrated and not vice versa.

I went to her in the first place because we have beome absolutely desperate. Ronan is severely allergic. His IGE's just keep climbing and climbing. He's anaphylactic to dairy, eggs and peanuts and allergic to just about everything else (and that's no exaggeration) as well as environmental allergies. He also has severe eczema and moderate asthma. We have tried EVERTHING except homeopathy and the only response we now get from doctors is "he'll grow out of it". Well in the meantime I can't get the appropriate nutrition in him because he reacts to just about everything. Plus he's 2 now and he wants to eat what his friends are eating around him. It's so sad.

He has improved over the past month. He is not longer waking every hour during the night and scratching himself bloody and moaning. This can be because of the homeopathy or because of the topical steroid I started using (once a week) about the same time (Elocon). The dark circles around his eyes have faded a lot. He's sleeping better at night.

I did talk to his GP and dermatologist before I started him on the homeopathy and they said that it would not interfer or contraindicate with his traditional treatments.

His traditional treatments are: steroid inhalers for asthma, topical steroids (used infrequently) for eczema. Antihistamine (used infrequently) for allergies. He also has 3 Anapens (EpiPen equivalent) for possible reactions His vitamins are low dosage for children. They do not contain Iron. I give him an iron supplement every other day that is low dosage and made for children as he gets absolutely no iron in his diet. I do not exxagerate. He also gets zero calcium except for his supplement.

The flower rememdies she's giving him are sucrose covered with the flower essence. Does this make a difference? He takes 1 pillule 3x daily in his juice so they are dilluted yet again. They are manufactured in the U.K. where homeopathy is quite common. On closer inspection of the boxes I notice that they have more than one flower essence on each.

Nicotiana has: Nicotiana Bramble Common Horsetail Cow Parsley Grass Pennywort Lotus has: Lotus Blossom Shepherd's Purse Horsetail Narcissus Orchid has: Orchid Dead Nettle Blue Iris Frangipane Daisy has: Daisy Camomile Marigold Nettle White Rose has: White Rose Marvel of Peru Crinium Lily Thornapple Poppy has: Poppy Hibiscus Scarlet Pimpernel Red Tulip Camellia has: Pink Camellia Common Fumitory Herb Robert Red Campion Phacelia has: Phacelia Chive Blue Hyacinth Sage Anemone has: Anemone Great Willow Herb Wood Woundwort Comfrey Figwort Hawthorn has: Hawthorn Blossom Fat Hen Chickweed Ivy Flower Lily of the Valley Snowdrop My main concerns at this point are: hawthorn, anemone and nicotiana. I think she gave him the nicotiana for his asthma. I'm suprised because she is very explicit usually about what is appropriate for children of Ronan's age and what isn't. I'm not seeing her again until the 28th of December as she's off this week.

Regarding the tinctures. I think I'll stop the Immune one until I see her. That's the one with all the bad junk Kathyrn listed. It is manufactured in Switzerland. The tincture for fungal infections is manufactured in Germany by Dr. Reckeweg.

Does anyone know if the strengths on these tinctures make any difference to the possible effects? I am so afraid that I've now done damage to my son. I've been so desperate to help him. Does anyone think that 4 weeks of these meds would have done any lasting damage to him? Thanks for everything. We really appreciate it.

On Dec 18, 2000


Can you tell me more about the problem with echinacea and kids with allergies\asthma?


On Dec 18, 2000


From what I understand, Echinacea is related to the ragweed family. Allergic kids tend to have hayfever allergies, and echinacea can provoke them. Echinacea is definitely not recommended for babies and young children.

Here is my own homeopathic tale. We took our son, and he was given the highly diluted solutions for his allegies. He broke out in eczema all over his body, and cleared up as soon as we took him off. We called the the natural health practitioner, and they said that extremely sensitive people often react to even the extreme dilutions. That was enough for me to call it quits on that stuff.

Take care! Sandra

On Dec 18, 2000


I think San answered your question about Echinacea.

On a emotoinal note please don't feel bad about trying to find a cure for your son. I've had doctor's be unwilling to touch my son when his skin was so severe. I've had dermatologist say I used too much steriod lotion on hand and caused permanent skin damage, another would say I didn't use enough!!! Bathe, don't bathe him etc. The nightime scratching... it helped some when my son got older and began to understand about his skin... but the scratching for my son hasn't stopped. Anti- itch meds help some at night. He does his own lotion most of the time. Bath/Shower is still hell as it is painful for him when skin has open places(pretty much all the time) However there has been slight overall improvement in his skin- not sure why.

Yes and what to feed,what to feed him now? As newborn he was to be breastfeed exclusively and intro to food slowly.(some of his exposure was only thru breast milk-shellfish allergy) or others from cross-contamination. My son will always be allergic to tree nuts, shellfish, peanuts, and sesame seeds and has 3 other food allergies that it's possible he'll outgrow. He's been restricted at one time or another from 14 foods. Finding new safe treats are challenging as well as what to put in his lunch bag. He is bored with his meals. I found a "just Born" marshmellow candy shaped as snowmen and surprised son today as he was complaining about same old same old food- I let him eat this before his dinner. Hopefully your son will outgrow many of his allergies- is dust an environmental one? We put in hard wood flooring and out with rugs. covered bedding etc and have cleaning route for controlling dust.

I've talked on enough. Please take care


On Dec 19, 2000

Barb, don't be too discouraged! I am no expert on medicine--homeopathic or otherwise, but I do believe homeopathy can be a great help. I know people who have had a lot of success with it. I have a friend who has oral herpes, as does her son. She and her son used to have monthly outbreaks. Now that she has been seeing a homeopathic practitioner, they haven't had an outbreak in 5 months. I have another friend who kept having problems with poison ivy. It was so bad she had to take steroids. A homeopathic practioner put her on something, and she complained that the poison ivy would get worse, and it would actually keep coming back every month! After a few months, it got milder, and then disappeared for good. The practitioner told her that the steroids had essentially driven the poison ivy deep down into her system where it was causing other problems. The treatments slowly brought it to the surface and out. So, what your son is going through may be a sort of cleansing out as the practitioner said.

The theory of homeopathy is that "like cures like". So, for example, when I have a runny nose, I take allium, which is an onion based remedy. It works. It works for my daughter too.

I think you should get some books about homeopathy, as you said. You need to educate yourself so you can ask questions and understand what is going on. I would order a basic book from or something, and then find a homeopathic website to keep up with. Good luck. It is hard to trust alternative treatments, but my understanding is that homeopathy (though not herbs that are not in a homeopathic remedy) are safe. As always though, go with your instincts.

By ray38 on May 27, 2012

madison_mom; I am new to this forum but am seriously considering taking my daughter to Dr. Li too. She is currently 2.5 years old and is allergic to peanut, egg, possibly coconut, chickpeas. I was wondering if you did start the treatment and what has been your experience....both in terms of results as well as the logistics of administering a 2 year old multiple daily meds of which one is reportedly etremely bitter. Thanks very much for your help

By madison_mom on Aug 26, 2010


Don't feel bad about trying to do something to help your son! I completely understand where you are, because I'm there too. I'm desperate to help my 2-year-old as well (PA, TN, sesame). We're going to Mount Sinai to see Dr. Xiu-Min Li, who is running the clinical trials of FAHF-2. With the flight and hotel, I don't even want to talk about how much it costs. I think you're wise to proceed cautiously with the herbs (hence our visit to NY--I'm too worried about the quality of the herbs to just find a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner here, even though I know the formula Mt. Sinai is using). Homeopathy as such is very safe (I used it during my pregnancy), but herbs and herb tinctures can act like a real drugs, with the same pros and cons. Don't be hard on yourself. We're all just doing the best we can with a difficult situation. BTW, if he's bored with his food, you might check out "The Food Allergy Mama's Baking Book: Great Dairy-, Egg-, and Nut-Free Treats for the Whole Family"--it's been really well-reviewed on Amazon.

By Rogman on Nov 6, 2012

I regularly eat 1 leaf o GOTTA KOLA/ SWAMP PENNYWORT daily, but recently ate approx 8 leaves over 2 days, got a severe ALLERGIC REACTION, with extremely itchy rash covering torso, legs,arms,back, I think this is what caused it , Has anyone heard of taking PENNYWORT orally causing SKIN RASH? I have read the lit and SKIN RASH is only side effect of topical skin treatment

By jenteme on Nov 6, 2012

I would do some research on the herbs he's receiving. I have a daughter with PA, eczema, environmental allergies, and asthma. One allergist--someone who went to medical school--suggested that I give her a cup of chamomile tea when her seasonal allergies were acting up. BUT...if you look up chamomile, you will discover it's a member of the RAGWEED family--and she's extremely allergic to ragweed. Needless to say, we no longer see that doctor. Urinating that much does bother me, even though I have no medical training, but those herbs could be hard on his kidneys. Please don't give up hope; do lots and lots and lots of research on those herbs, because they could be having a compound effect when used in certain combinations.