Reaction to dog licking child

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On another post I saw notation that some children have been reacting to dogs licking them. The possibility of an allergy to dog is possible plus a reaction may be developing from the dogs food. Some dog foods and dog treats have egg, milk and peanut products in them.

At last year's FAN conference, one of the allergist reviewed a case in which a milk allergic child had a reaction after giving the dog a treat - The treat for the dog had milk ingredients.

On Mar 26, 1999

Mary, thank you for your interesting idea. It makes a lot of sense; I never even THOUGHT of the reaction being caused by the dog's food. Oh no, now I'm going to have to go to the supermarket and read all the labels on dog food!! (as well as all th other reading I'm doing there, too). Nancy

On Mar 26, 1999

This is an interesting thread as this happens to me a lot. I do not have any known dog allergies and own 3 dogs. I have never had any reaction to my own dogs; however, if I go to my neighbor's house (or anyone elses) and her dog licks me I break out in a small hive. This has happened on my hand as well as my cheek. Wherever the licking occurs. I do have a cat allergy and the reaction I get is totally different--it is totally respiratory and, if it is a particularly bad reaction, the roof of my mouth will itch as well as underneath my chin and neck. The dog reaction is entirely different and I am not sure if that is a true allergic reaction. Christine

On Mar 26, 1999

Mary, my daughter is allergic to dog saliva. When she was 2 years old she was licked by a dog and broke out in hives, her eyes swelled, and her lips swelled. At her next doctor visit she was tested for dog saliva with a postive result. My thought when she was licked was to assume that it was something the dog had eaten, and question the dogs owner about it. Nothing she was allergic to was in the dogs food. Her allergist said she might grow out of this allergy, but that has not happened yet. Last summer our neighbors got a very cute puppy and she could'nt resist playing with it. She broke out in hives again.


On Jun 21, 1999

Mmmm never thought about the dog's food either. My daugher had a reaction when about 12 months old to a German Sheperd, nothing more to other dogs for many years then recently a relatives dog licked her face and it happened again - it was another German Shepherd!

She also has nut allergies, eczema and asthma. Off to check dog food labels....

On Aug 3, 1999

I'm going to have to ask my brother what is in the dog food he uses as we will be spending time with his family in a few weeks.

Mary Lynn