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Reaction-soy protein concentrate contamntion??

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My child had a reaction at school two days ago. It didn't follow the pattern he used to have of peanut reactions and he had no peanut exposure that we could find. Because it was a strong reaction (respiratory and skin symptoms) that seemed not to be clearing up, the doctor advised us over the phone to go ahead and use the pen. It was the first time we had used the pen. We forgot to massage the leg after injection. The epi cleared all the symptoms pretty much immediately. The epi was followed with a predisone IV in the emergency room. There was no bounce back reaction or any symptoms later in the day. He did have the shakes and an elevated heart rate, etc. in the emergency room from the epi. He had consumed a meat product with soy protein concentrate for lunch. I believe this ingredient is one of the products that is not allowed to be imported as of today or yesterday due to possible manufacturing contamination in China.

Now I am wondering if it is possible cross contamination with peanut or new allergy. We have never avoided soy products. It also seems that a peanut allergic child will usually test positive for soy so when I take him to the allergist for retest it's not going to be conclusive.

I did some googlng and found a posting by where he had seem some peanut allergic children reacting to soy.

Have any of your children developed a soy allergy later on?

On May 2, 2007

I am sorry to hear your son had a reaction - and glad everything is ok. Do you have any of the product left - maybe you could have it tested for xcontam? Just a thought.

Nichele DS PA, TNA dd ???

On May 2, 2007

Was this something he purchased at school?

I'm glad the reaction wasn't worse. Hugs!}}

On May 2, 2007

yes my son is 6 1/2 -- pa since 2 and tested positive to soy at 5 - we eliminated it at that time - tested positive at 6 and so we still stay away from it -- will test again at 7.