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Posted on: Sun, 07/27/2003 - 10:49am
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Yesterday Logan (2yrs& PA) and I went to a Birthday Party. He ran over to the table, grabbed a cookie and put it to his lips, faster than I could blink...the cookie had PB listed as an ingredient...he had a tiny nibble from it and I was terrified. He has never ingested PB, he had previous reactions from touching it (including hives and swollen lips) but yesterday he didn't react, unless hyperactivity is a reaction...he was wild for about a half hour after that happened (is that ever a reaction?) anyhow, my question is have any PA individuals here accidently ingested a minute amount and didn't react.....this has me confused. Is it possibly because he has only had contact with it three times and never ingested it, so he is still on the low end of the scale for reactions. His last reaction was only 2 months ago when a child touched him on the leg with PB on his hands......he had hives the size of dimes from that. I know this sounds bad, but I am so careful with his PA, both the incidents were amoung people who were aware of his really cant trust anyone else with you childs safett....or so it seems. Can I please get some responses about the lack of a reaction.....Thanks.

Posted on: Sun, 07/27/2003 - 1:54pm
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The only thing that comes to mind is the stat of reactivity.
In bloodwork, kids that test over 17.6 have a 95% chance of having an anaphylactic reaction. That DOES leave 5% of the time that the child will not react.
I don't know the particulars, but after our recent allergist appointment, I was given that info. Maybe it applies here??
Matthew 2 yrs

Posted on: Sun, 07/27/2003 - 10:30pm
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Thanks for your reply, I was reading another thread that touched on this very subject. This allergy is very confusing and unpredictable....that's the only thing I know for sure. I'm so Thankful for this site.
Thank you,

Posted on: Mon, 10/06/2008 - 5:43am
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My son had a reaction to a bakery french bread (this was very early in our diagnosis - I know better now). There were no nuts at all on the label and no warning. However this was prior to the law on labeling that went into effect in 06. I have since learned that bakeries have huge issues with cross contamination and I now consider all bakery products a "processed on equipment" regardless if they put that on their labels or not. I have one exception and that is big brand sandwich bread.
I do believe that there is some cya going on but I also do believe the studies that say somewhere between 7 and 17% of products labeled as such do contain peanut protien so we strictly avoid.

Posted on: Tue, 10/07/2008 - 2:42am
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The only reaction my son has had was to a "may contains" product. This is how we found out he is allergic to peanuts. He got two small hives around his mouth; benadryl knocked it out and I got him tested. He has had actual peanuts about 2 or 3 times, (by other people, I always thought he could be allergic because he had eczema as an infant)before we had him tested, and no reation, but the skin test showed he is very allergic. The hive was HUGE. So yes, they can definitely have a reaction to a may contains product.

Posted on: Tue, 10/07/2008 - 7:15am
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My son's only reaction was to bite of "may contain" cheesecake. He got hives on his face, followed by choking and wheezing. We got the PA diagnosis five days later.

Posted on: Tue, 10/07/2008 - 8:14pm
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yes, my son has, at least twice when he was younger.
was two- three years old, and only vomitied .
when this first happened to us, we thought it might be a virus, as it was that time of year, and it was going around.
did think that it was extreme (40 mins of throwing up), but didnt contect it until I gave him another biscuit the next day.
same thing happened, I checked the label,and had missed the maycontain.
we learnt quickly from that , he is now 12 and he doenst eat any food with may contain, and hasnt for years.

Posted on: Wed, 10/08/2008 - 4:44am
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Thank you all for your responses, I was beginning to think that maybe I could start giving him 'may contains' and that maybe I was being overly hypervigilant with this, but given your responses I think I will continue to avoid them!

Posted on: Wed, 10/08/2008 - 9:15am
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My daughter recently had a reaction to a "may contain...". Luckly only hives and no breathing distress. I missed the new "may contain..." label on a previously "safe" food.

Posted on: Wed, 07/16/2008 - 5:41am
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We have never had a severe reaction, or any reaction really. My DS had eczema terribly just about from the time he was born! As I started reading more about eczema I saw that a lot of times it can be made worse by allergies, so I talked his pedi into getting him allergy tested. I thought for sure he would be allergic to milk or soy or something like that. The only thing he tested positive for was pn.
The only pn's he has ever had was me eating a LOT of them while I was pg with him and I was eating PB&J's almost daily while I was nursing him. To the best of my knowledge he has never had any 1st hand contact (can't guarantee he didn't get a tiny bit here or there on something or something since I ate PB&J's daily with my older son, so perhaps some came in contact with him? Not sure....)
His SPT wheal the first test was 9mm and 10.5 this last year but his RAST number is .40 which is barely over the positive level. I'm hopeful with the low RAST numbers and never any first hand exposure he will be a good canidate of outgrowing the allergy. His wheal size on the SPT though is what concerns me most.

Posted on: Wed, 07/16/2008 - 5:47am
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thanks! Yes, our daughers wheal size was 10mm and that concerns me too. I really appreaciate hearing that there are children who have not had a reaction. Hope it continues for you.

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