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Reaction? Please help!

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Hi. My name is Karla and I´m from Denmark. I dont know if I am allergic to peanut. About 2 weeks ago I ate som chips fried in peanut oil. After about 1 hour I started to feel trouble breathing. No hives, no itching. I had a very high pulse. We called 911 and I got adrenaline and benadryl which seemed to help, but I wonder if it might have beeen a panic attack (which I suffer from) or an allergic reaction? Karla

By ses1978 on Oct 7, 2010

Could've been an allergic reaction. But here's a sure sign if it is. If you eat those things again and have the same problem, you will be definitive. However, I would talk to a doctor about it first so you can touchbase with them if it does happen.

By charitie on Oct 12, 2010

Be tested first or at least be in the doctors office before you decide to try peanuts again.

By HookwormIsHope on Oct 16, 2010

That certainly sounds an awful lot like an allergic reaction. But to be sure I would definately get a test and talk to your doctor. If you don't, it could end up a lot worse and none of want that, I know how scary it is, and especially when you don't what it is or why it's happening.

By charitie on Oct 19, 2010

My child had a peanut reaction and had no skin symptoms. He imediatly began vomiting. He vommited several times from just one bite. He even spit out the nuts. He was only 4 and knew something was wrong. He was shaking and then felt his throat closing up. After we came home from the hospital he was able to tell me using his hand what happened to his throat and what it felt like.