Reaction or \"irritation\"? to fruit salad

Posted on: Fri, 05/20/2005 - 11:22am
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I fed my ds some store bought pre-made fruit salad from a pre-packaged container. Within minutes his chin was NEON red, with red splotches that connected with each other. I wiped his chin and watched. I thought maybe(?) his lip started to swell slightly, a symptom he's had with past reactions.

I gave him Benadryl and it went away immediately. No further symptoms. I called my allergist and we reviewed what he ate. He said from my description, it sounds more like an irritation to his skin, as opposed to a reaction. Pineapple was in the fruit salad, and he said he's heard of lots of people experiencing what I described from pineapple.

He's eaten all the fruits by themselves without any problem with the exception of the pineapple. That was new, he never tried it before.

I guess the cutting surface or knife used could also have come into contact with one of his allergens.

My allergist didn't recommend steering clear of fruit salad because he felt strongly it was an irritation. Thoughts???? [img][/img]

Thanks. Meg

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