Reaction from homemade bread?


Yesterday I made a loaf of bread, and about 30 min. after eating slice, I broke out in hives on my chest and a few places around my mouth. I took benadryl and it starting clearing up about 15 min. after. Nothing else happened. The only ingredient I used that I haven't used before was Gold Medal Better For Bread flour. It was a new bag, and I've never bought that flour before. I called General Mills. They say if there's a chance for cross contamination it would be on the bag. They said they have dedicated lines. I asked about their allergen wash procedure. She then said that they do use an allergen wash, but if it was not cleaned very well, then they would put a cross contamination label on the product. She wouldn't tell me if their fours are run on dedicated lines. But how are they dedicated lines if they use an allergen wash?

Anyway, I'm just baffled. That's the only new thing I ate yesterday.

Any advice?

On Jan 14, 2005

Regarding the allergen wash -- that seems to be a *comfort zone* thing. For years I didn't trust it. Then, when I got more details about it, I do. I've started eating foods that I stayed away from for years and I haven't had problems.

Do you regularly make your own bread? I know there is one brand of bread machine yeast sold in my area that has a sesame seed warning.

Sorry you're having these problems. [img][/img]

On Jan 14, 2005

AnneMarie...sesame seed warning on yeast? Do tell the brand (not that I'll ever see it--fingers, toes crossed!).

DS is allergic to sesame seed too and his doctor believes it could be as severe as his peanut allergy. I make 95% of our breads and certainly have enough to worry about with the flour (GM is a staple in our house--no known reactions) much less about yeast!

On Jan 14, 2005

I've only made a couple of loafs of bread. That was the first time with that flour. The yeast is Fleischman's and there is no warning on it. Know anything about that brand?

On Jan 15, 2005

Belinda, I use Fleischman's, and I make all my own bread products - can't find any safe ones to buy.

Donni, off hand, I can't remember the brand name with a warning. (Obviously, I've never bought it.) I'll try to remember to check when I'm in a store - and I'll also try to check if it's actually a Canadian or US company.


You know, I've never worried about flour. Not sure why - just never did. And I don't stick with any particular brand - I buy whatever is cheapest.

On Jan 17, 2005

Spoke with GM today. They said they were checking into the flour, but the plant that makes the flour in Kansas City is completely nut free. They do not make any flours with nuts at all so there is no chance of cross contamination.

Sooooooooo, I guess it was a freak thing? [img][/img] I did have some additional stress going on the day before and the day it happened.

There is definately something going on with my skin. I keep getting these red splotchy places on my skin when there is any pressure on it. For example, if I'm sitiing back against something my back starts itching and when I look in the mirror it is all red and splotchy. It takes a while for it to go away. In the car I was itching under where my seatbelt was on my shoulder. I looked in mirror and it was red and splotchy there. If I have any pants on that are tight around the waist it does the same thing. I've been using a lot of lotion b/c my skin was dry before that started happening.Do you think it could be just friction on irritated skin? Even after I get out of the shower my skin looks sunburned and it takes a long time for it to start lightening and it's not a hot shower. I've had this problem on and off for a while. I'm going back to allergist Thursday. I talked to the nurse this morning and she doesn't think it's from anything I'm eating.

But, you know, that's hard for someone to believe when they have food allergies. When something happens to my skin, my first thought is what did I eat.

I think I remember my dr. telling me that people with food allergies usually have a lot of skin problems. Does that sound right?

Any advice?