reaction from a dog licking her?


My daughter had a mild reaction today, with a few hives around her mouth, on her arm, and itchy eyes. We were at a relatives house, and I know they eat peanut butter, so it could have been contact from something in the house. BUT my daughter started complaining about itching after playing with their dog in the back yard. He was jumping all over her and licking her. Could she have had a reaction from residual pet food in the dog's saliva? I know it sounds a little weird, but she's not allergic to dogs, and I know there are nuts in some pet foods. The only foods she ate were her regulars. Just wondering if anyone knows whether it's a possibility.

By B3K on Jun 1, 2010

did you ask the dog owner if the dog eats peanut butter? This may seem like a crazy question but we have SEVERAL frinds and family that actually feed peanut butter to thier dogs!! Different reasons for each one... there is a toy called a "kong" that you put PB in and the dogs play with it and try to get the PB out for hrs., one friend of ours said that their dog had medical problems so couldn't eat (reg. dog food) so the vet. put the dog on PB sandwiches! My brother and his kids just feed PB sand. to their dog because he loves them so much, it is not an uncommon thing for people to feed PB to dogs so if you haven't already maybe you could ask. GOOD LUCK :0)

By Mach5AR on Jun 2, 2010

There are some pet foods that may contain peanuts not only as an ingredient, but as a possible cross-contaminate. There are also dog toys that are injected or permeated with peanuts to encourage the dog to chew them.

So it could be possible for the proteins to have still been in the dog's mouth and on its tongue when it was licking your daughter. I know in humans the protein can remain for up to 8 hours in the mouth.

By Bassball23bb on Jun 4, 2010


Skin tests from an immunologist were negative for dog hair and dander, however, I am allergic to dog saliva. Even if a dog's wet nose touches my skin, I break out in itchy hives.

My immunologist explained that although dog hair may not effect me, the proteins in a dog's saliva can cause cause an allergic reaction.

Hope this information helps.

By Mach5AR on Jun 5, 2010

Bassball23bb is right about the saliva. Our Allergist told us the same thing about the saliva. Your daughter may be allergic to that as well.

By cmvervais on Jun 5, 2010

Thanks for the information. Yes, I looked up dog allergy, and she may very well have a mild allergy to the saliva. I'd rather think that's what caused the reaction, then some vague cross contamination issue. Next time I go to the allergist, I'll discuss it with her.

By sidni on Jun 21, 2010

I am not allergic to dog anything but I've reacted to dog saliva before after a dog ate peanut butter based treats.