reaction??? chili seasoning???


Megan has had what I think is a reaction to chili seasoning. It lists chili peppers and other spices and garlic. The brand name is Williams. I e-mailed the company with Megan's allergens (peanuts, wheat, fish, milk, soy), just to make sure. They replied, saying that the original chili seasoning is gluten-free...and they could send me a list of all their gluten-free products if I would like. But they DIDN'T SAY anything else about any of her other allergens! Does this mean they are free of them?? I'm not sure.

I wouldn't be worried, but I just read somewhere that peanuts could be hidden in chili???? I couldn't imagine why, and thought they would have to be labeled.

She only took one bite--2 nights in a row--and had 2 red spots come up on her cheek, almost immediately. They faded after an hour or so (no medicine given). She has never reacted this way before....always delayed stomach cramps/spitting up with mucous.

Could it just be the spicy-ness of the chili doing this.....or is it necessarily a food reaction?? Has anybody ever had problems with chili seasoning??

On Oct 17, 2003

Peanut butter is sometimes used as a thickener and secret ingredient in homemade chili - not in the seasoning itself as far as I know. I would lean more toward either hidden soy or MSG (which can come from wheat) if it was an allergic reaction. Also many children will have contact reactions to anything even remotely spicy - my DD would get terrible welps wherever tartar sauce, ranch dressing or ketchup touched her face.