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I had a allergic rash reaction yesterday...looks like it might be from a new medicine I am taking.

I went to the ER and the registration clerk had a bag of M&M's 6 inches from me that she was eating.

I asked her to move them since I was allergic to peanuts. And that plain M & M's have peanuts in them.

She wouldn't.

I asked again.

She started mouthing off and said they didn't have peanuts in them.

I asked her to read the label. She wouldn't, she just slapped the bag on the desk further from me and started rolling her eyes like I was crazy.

When I came home, I called the hospital administration and complained. They have a policy that employees are not supposed to be eating anyway.

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On Jan 23, 2004

cathlina, how are you? Is this a newly developed allergy? In addition to your telephone call, I would follow-up the complaint in writing. Seriously.

I am always appalled when I take the children to the walk-in clinic with people eating. Then, if I go to the one E.R. here, all of the vending machines sell peanut products and really maybe only one "safe" thing and the coffee/muffin stand run by the volunteers is supplied by Tim Horton's, so not "safe" food there either.

I've had enough near misses at both places and you know what? I've never said a bloody thing, just stuck my head in the sand.

When I took my daughter to CHEO to see the eye specialist my son pointed out the sign to me in the waiting room of the eye specialists. It was requested that due to allergies no peanuts be eaten in the waiting area. And we were waiting, between appointments, for two hours and there was eating done out in the main lobby. The coffee shop there also was Tim Horton's, so again unsafe food. But my son really thought it was cool that the eye specialists' area had that sign up. I did as well.

Okay, here's another scenario for you, just made up in my mind (which you do know has left the building, as it seems my typing skills have as well [img][/img] ) What if you had gone into that same emerg with a PA reaction? Is that woman not the woman who would have been taking your blood pressure, temperature, etc. before you went into emerg if you happened to arrive by car rather than ambulance?

No, I'd follow-up in writing. I'm going to start getting more vocal about eating as well, because, as I say, we have had enough close calls at both the hospital and the walk-in here and dummy here has never said a word.

I hope you're okay. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]


On Jan 23, 2004

cathlina - I'd send a letter, too - sometimes the phone complaints get lost. A written cpy usually gets results. And good for you for complaining - her behaviour was unacceptable! Hope your on the mend. Take care [img][/img]