I'm new here, and not sure if this is the right thread, but I'm sure someone will let me know! This is one of the first sites I found when starting my research tonight.

My 19yr old daughter is allergic to several tree nuts (and thinks more), most raw fruits and veggies (at about age 8), has environmental allergies (age 5) and has had mild excema since a toddler. She carries an Epi-pen, but never used it. Tonight she said she thinks she might be allergic to peanuts too, after a PBJ sandwich. Her throat was feeling strange, usually her reactions to food are itchy throat/ some pain. This time it felt a little tight, too, inside and out. She also felt tired, (kind of 'melted', she said) but she'd been up very late 2 nights running.

I ended up driving her to her 2 hour coaching job - rather than her taking the bus! She says she feels better now, but I still feel like I want to keep watch!

Can you grow into PA? She did not test positive before, altho it's been years since then. I will make an app't to get her re-tested, but wonder now if I should have given her Benadryl or even the epi tonight. Any thoughts?

On Nov 12, 2005

Yes, you can grow into PA, especially with all those other food allergies she has. Frankly I'm surprised she wasn't allergic to them in the first place given the TNA and the fruit allergies. And that throat closing feeling sounds like anaphylaxis, which can go away by itself (if you're lucky) or can kill you. You probably should have given the benedryl and the epi and gone to the hospital. I'd call her and make sure she takes some benedryl now because she can react again hours later, and have her pay attention to any additional symptoms and if she has any go to the ER ASAP.

On Nov 12, 2005

Just re-read your post, and I've gotta say, yes, definately that was anaphylaxis because of the throat tightness plus tiredness...that's what you feel when your blood pressure drops. The general rule is two body systems affected = anaphylaxis. Please please, call your daughter, if she's faking "feeling better" just to do her job, she needs to get to the hospital and use her epi.

On Nov 12, 2005

Thanks, Starlight. K is still living at home, so Benadryl it was! I did warn her tonight that if she thinks she's reacting to peanuts now, she'll have to be a lot more careful about the 'may contain' warnings, and start wearing her medic-alert bracelet again. I had a lot more control of all this when she was little!

On Nov 12, 2005

Just to add - I drove her to work, and sat on the pool deck and watched her coach, I think she was as nervous as I was, trying to decide if this was going to 'be something'.

On Nov 13, 2005

How is she feeling today?

Adele, another member, developed PA when she was an adult. She's sooo nice (she's responded to a few of my posts) and I think she's made a few posts about it. So if your daughter would like to find out more about adult onset PA or talk to someone who's had the experience, she may want to try looking for Adele's posts. [img][/img]

On Nov 13, 2005

Hi...K seems fine today. She was up late again, having defied the Benadryl's sedating effect, so slept late this morning - leaving me to continue to check to see if she was breathing easily! This afternoon she said that maybe she panicked herself a little. I told her I'd rather that than her not say anything. Apparently this reaction has happened before, with a PB/honey sandwich, but she didn't tell me. I've spent a lot of time on this site, last night and today, reading posts. I already recognize some names from one thread to another. I guess we got a little complacent with her allergies, through elementary and high school, all her friends knew what to do for her, and what she could eat. Now that most of them are off to university, she has some new friends and colleagues - who aren't aware. At least she realizes that they need to know, and she asked again if I would call the doctor's office tomorrow. All good signs that she's taking this seriously! I guess it's back to reading labels for more things now - we've never worried about the peanut warnings before, just the tree nuts. Thanks for your help and concern. I like this site!