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Hi, On Friday afternoon, my daughter starting breaking out in hives. We were at home, she had eaten nothing different. Some company had come in and her uncle had peanut butter about 6 hours before he came over. It was shortly after he picked her up that she broke out in hives. I gave her benadryl and watched her very closely and everything seemed to be fine. I have read on this site for sometime. The only thing different was the company that came over all day. Do you think I am jumping the gun and assuming it was him even after 6 hours. My daughter is 2 years old and has what I am told an allergy to nuts but a moderate allergy and that she may grown out of it. Her rast is 2.75. I have never worried about airborne stuff before!!! I have run through everything in my mind perhaps someone else would have some input. Karen

On Jul 19, 2005

It may not have been airborne - is her uncle a messy eater? Maybe he wiped his hands on his shirt? If he had any peanut butter residue on his clothes then that could have caused the reaction.

Also, this sounds silly, but it also might not have been 6 hours. If he seemed defensive or guilty he could have exaggerated the amount of time.

On Jul 19, 2005

I seem to remember that Carefulmom posted that sensitive PA's can react to someone that has eaten PB up to 6 hours before. (I think it was an old post I read in the archives)

On Jul 20, 2005

Thanks for your replies. My brother in law is a bachelor and very well could have had peanut residue on him. He did not get defensive but said noone told him he should not eat peanut butter before he came. I guess the big red sign on the door was not clear enough. The only good thing about this (not that there really is one) is that quite a few family members were there and they saw what can happen very quickly. Alot of them think that I go way overboard and that PA is not as serious as I make it out to be. 7 months later, I am glad someone is finally starting to get it. Karen

On Jul 25, 2005

About two years ago I read in a magazine (could have been the NYT Sunday magazine article on PA) about a child having a contact reaction from her parent. Her dad had eaten a doughnut with peanuts on top at a breakfast meeting, and when he came home from work that evening, he kissed her, and she reacted. That's more than 6 hours.

Your uncle may not have kissed your daughter, but if it can stay on lips for 8 hours, it can stay on hands and clothing for 6.

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On Aug 9, 2005

Hi, The uncle could have definitely had peanut butter residue somewhere on him. My son is PA. One day my nephew was visiting and had eaten Reese's about an hour and a half before. He had washed his hands and brushed his teeth because he is aware, and my son still broke out in hives all over the back of his neck and had to take Benadryl. As sad as it is to say, you were right about being glad other people were there to see it. Now they will believe you and pass the information on to other people who don't believe. Most times people think we are being overprotective and exagerating.I'm glad your daughter was ok.