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On Tuesday at 4:30, my 4-year-old ds had a flu shot. I felt badly for him, so we stopped at Burger King. He had a plain hamburger with no bun and a few french fries a kid's coke Icee to drink. He begged for an apple pie from McDs on the way home and I gave him one.

At 6 pm he had two little hives on his cheek. Gave him Benedryl and they went away. At 8 pm he had one little hive on his chin and around 3-4 little ones on his neck. We put him into the bathtub and they went away.

At 10 pm he ate a few Pringles (maybe 4 or 5) and started coughing very badly. He then threw up. The coughing then stopped and he appeared to be fine.

We struggled with this one. I called the doctor and he said to NOT give the Epi, but bring him to the ER. We went to the ER where they did not give Epi because they said that it was mild enough to not give it. They did give an IV with steriod and Benedryl. He was kept for observation and then released Wednesday afternoon. He still coughs a little bit in the morning, but no other symptoms. He is currently taking Atavan (or is it Atarax- I'm tired and a little off-kielter), Xopenex twice a day and Orapred (steriod). This is on top of his normal meds which are Flovent 220, Singulair and Nasonex.

So what caused it? I don't know. Our allergist said that we should have used the Epi. There was debate about this between my hubby and I. I wanted to give, he did not. Our peditrician agreed with hubby. Allergist agreed with me.

Now ped. says no more flu shots, which really worries me because ds is very asthmatic. He has had the shot every year with no issues.

He is allergic to dairy and peanuts.

Any thoughts?

On Nov 10, 2006

First of all, so sorry. You've had him in the hospital before, and must have been frightened to go through that again. <>.

Perhaps test for eggs? What does your allergist say about the flu shot? It does sound typical, with the reaction several hours later as it goes into the system.

Take care, Daisy

On Nov 10, 2006


Sorry you are having this experience. It is possible this reaction was from the flu vaccine.

There is another thread on this forum that discusses the flu vaccine and egg allergy. In it I describe how my DD reacted to the test of the diluted flu vaccine and therefore did not end up getting the vaccine.

My DD also has sever asthma which is why our allergist had her go through the testing, hoping that she could tolerate the flu vaccine. Now we have to try our best to keep her healthy and flu free!

I hope your little one is feeling better and is not too traumatized from this experience.

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On Nov 10, 2006

He has never been allergic to eggs in the past, but I suppose he could develop it at any time.

He did have peas with lunch, too. Something he ate several times, but I've read all the peas threads with interest.

On Nov 10, 2006

Wow, sorry about the reaction and hospital stay. I'm glad he is okay though.

I would probably ask to have him tested for egg. I would also like to add that my ds had an allergic reaction after eating at BK. I don't know if it was from something he ate, residue on the table or the sesame seeds from my burger he tried. Just something to keep in mind.

Hope you figure it out.

On Nov 10, 2006

Did you check with the Burger King? Plain hamburgers are not that popular. Is it possible they took a cheeseburger and pulled the cheese off? I know they are "made to order" but it is a possibility.

Hope he is better.

On Nov 10, 2006

I think you mean atarax - atavan is an awesome anti-nausea/sedative that makes you feel absolutely super no matter what is happening to you (they could have set me on fire and I would have still been smiling).

For the reaction, a couple thoughts: may definately be the flu shot. A lot of people react to uncooked eggs and not cooked, maybe why you've never noticed a reaction before?

Or it could have been the burger. Most BK employees don't wash their hands between burgers and they probably touched cheese right before making your son's. And every other dairy product they make. Also, a lot of their sauces contain dairy, did he have any of those?

I hope he starts feeling better soon! Poor guy.

On Nov 10, 2006

I remember another thread of a child having a reaction to Pringles. The child started coughing just like your son. Glad he is better and I would definetly get him tested for egg allergy. .

On Nov 10, 2006

I hope you are all well. Does your allergist recommend further testing?

I remember once reading an ingredient label for hamburger and it actually listed milk as an ingredient. Have you come across that? So I looked at the BK website and there is a page for "allergens". But it states that the plain hamburgers are safe for those with milk allergy. (Tho, as someone already suggested, that doesn't rule out an employee removing cheese if they made a cheeseburger by mistake.)


Originally posted by mistey: [b] I wanted to give, he did not. [/b]

Boy, can I relate.

On Nov 10, 2006

There is also mercury in flu vaccines and this can cause a reaction.

I think your food was cross contaminated.

On Nov 18, 2006

My dd is milk allergic and we don`t eat at ANY fast food places. There is milk cross contamination at all of them. I have called Burger King and they told me straight out that their hamburgers are cross contaminated with cheese. Also, most burger buns have milk as an ingredients, although I did not check on theirs since their hamburgers are cross contaminated with cheese. I have also checked McDonalds, Wendys, and In and Out Burger, and their hamburgers are cross contaminated with cheese as well. If you are living with milk allergy, it is really not possible to get safe fast food. You can usually see the employees touch the cheese and then touch other items if you stand and watch for a few minutes.

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On Jan 22, 2007

I forgot to post, but we did have DS tested and he came up allergic to egg. He had been eating it safely for 4 years.

On Jan 22, 2007

I'm so sorry this happened to your son. Has he had the apple pie before? I also think cross contamination with milk like the burger.

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On Jan 22, 2007


Originally posted by mistey: [b]I forgot to post, but we did have DS tested and he came up allergic to egg. He had been eating it safely for 4 years.[/b]

Welcome to the egg allergy club! I guess your DS won't be getting any more flu shots unless he outgrows this. I'm still waiting for my son to outgrow his egg allergy. DD outgrew hers by age 3, but not DS. He's 4 and still has a 4+ SPT for egg. [img][/img]


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