re-testing for PA


My son is scheduled to be re-tested for his PA in April by another skin test. He has never had a blood test, the dr. never even mentioned it to me. Does anyone have some input for me? I've been hearing that skin tests can be more harmful to him than anything due to the exposure. Can I request a blood test versus skin test? Thanks!

On Jan 28, 2003


Hi, just wanted to know when your son was tested last? Of course you can request for a Blood Test, so ask for a Cap Rast which is the most accurate test out there. When he had his scratch test done, what happened? If he had a bad reaction I wouldn't let them do another scratch test.

My son was scratch tested first for peanut, then a year later, scratch tested for around 10 tree-nuts and peanut again. What freaked me out was all the tree-nuts were done first and he said nothing. Then they scratched his other arm just for peanut(nothing of course being said)and right away said "it feels funny, kind of tingley"(with a nervous little almost 4yr old voice). So while it wasn't anaphylactic shock or anything, it was creepy.

I think age may have a factor in CapRast testing....I can't remember the age though(maybe 3)if anyone can help us out here with that. My son was CapRast tested at 5 yrs old. Anyway, hope you get more responses!

On Jan 28, 2003

My son had a reaction to a skin retest that involved a reaction at the site and tightening in his throat. We had to give him epinephrine shortly after the test. I would go for the blood test.

On Jan 28, 2003

My son had a skin test about a year ago. Not sure exactly what skin test it was, is there more than one? The test is suppose to stay on for 15 minutes but they had to take it off after 8 minutes. His arm got all welted, itchy, red and it was moving up his entire arm. I don't know why his dr. hasn't mentioned the blood test. I never would have know if I didn't read it in here. Also, my 1 1/2 year old son is suppose to be tested at the same time for the first time (he's never had any exposure to peanuts). Should I recommend a blood test for him also? All advice is appreciated.