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There are schools going PF and many becoming Peanut-Aware.

Does anyone have any answers on why just peanuts. You don't hear of Milk-free schools or Milk-aware schools.

Opinions, answers or medical documentation would be great!


On Jun 17, 2008

Good question. This is strictly my opinion. I'm thinking it may be due to the high risk of anaphylaxis with PN. Also, based on the very little bit I've read about milk allergies, it seems many kids outgrow these and they typically are not as severe? Again, just a thought as I have no experience with milk allergies. Of course there are kids who have anaphylaxis to milk, and this is obviously just as serious as any PN allergy. If not more so since milk is everywhere in some form!

I thought about this while meeting with DD's school. How would they handle a child with anaphylaxis to milk? The parent should expect the same protections as for any other life threatenting food allergy. In DD's preschool there are kids who can't have milk...I don't know if it's intolerance or actual allergy. I remember one day watching the teacher give one girl her soy milk while everyone else had cow milk. I couldn't help but hope that child's issue with milk wouldn't result in anaphylaxis as PN would for my child! What if the milk spilled, or there was residue from a previous spill....

Definitely something to consider. Does anyone know the prevalence of severe milk allergies?