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My daughter recently had a rast test done for her peanut allergy. She is 8 years old and reaction free for the past 6 years. I got the results from the nurse today she didn't know what they meant i was wondering if anyone could shed some light for me. Our doctor is gone until next Wednesday and i can't wait to find out. The result was positive .37 she said that anything over .35 was very sensitive. Any info would be help. Thanks so much. Carleys mom

On Jul 19, 2001

Hi Carjen! Is it an ImmunoCAP RAST or a regular RAST? ImmunoCAP is measured in kU/L and the RAST is measured in IU/mL.

A 0.37 in an ImmunoCAP falls in the Class I range which is considered a low positive. The classes go up to VI.

A 0.37 in a RAST test falls in the around the mid Class II. which indicates increasing levels of specific IgE antibody. Again the class goes up to VI.

The immunocap is a more specific test and it will tell you with 95% certainty that there will be a likelihood of a reaction. Not the severity but the likelihood.

My son was tested 3 weeks ago and they accidently did a RAST and not an ImmunoCAP Rast as I and the Dr. had requested. The Rast came back a 51.89(putting him in Class V almost Class VI) Waiting on the results of the Immunocap, my Dr. called the lab yesterday to have them re-run the test with the ImmunoCap. Best wishes!! Fran [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]