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Has everyone's child had a RAST test? My child has only had the SPT (she is 2) and everyone I speak with tells me to demand a blood test, so I can watch her "numbers" every year to see if there is an increase or decrease.

thanks as always

On Apr 14, 2008


My 7 year old daughter tested positive for PA 1 year ago. We had her RAST done and it was a 70. We do not know of any reactions she has had to peanuts other thatn a HUGE aversion to the sight or smell of them since birth. I am ultra careful and her school has gone peanut free.


On Apr 14, 2008

My son was diagnosed almost a year ago too and only has had a SPT. His allergist won't do a RAST, he says because of his age (he is now 15 months) and it isn't as accurate as a SPT. We are scheduled to have a repeat SPT the middle of May. We are getting ready to move to TX though and when we get there I'm going to ask for a yearly RAST to monitor his numbers.

On Apr 15, 2008

My DS had his first reaction to peanut at age 2. The allergist we saw then did a skin prick test, which was postive to peanut. He has not had another reaction since and is now 6. I began to wonder what my son's numbers were from reading books on the subject and from reading here about other's results. (I also began to hope he was one of the lucky to possibly outgrow it) We saw Dr. Wood in January to have him retested. They start with a RAST test. We didn't need to go any further. His number to peanut was greater than 100, so now we know he will never outgrow this. (Tree nuts were all over the place-which we also avoided) They told me I can have him restested (if I'd like) in a couple of years, but that his numbers would never come down enough to have any chance of outgrowing. If I want to "track" it-that is up to me. I think I would recommend you have the RAST test for peace of mind in knowing where your child stands. Even though for me, it was as if I got his diagnoses all over again, it has helped me know where we stand. Now we pray and support organizations that are focused on finding a cure. Just my thoughts on the matter....

On Apr 15, 2008

My dd has an spt first an one year old. It was after this that we started doing blood tests for her. Up until this year her these tests showed >100, then this year it showed 57. We will continue to do testing every year or two to monitor.

On Apr 15, 2008

My son had the Cap Rast originally at age 2. He is now 6 1/2. He tested originally around 13.5 on the bloodwork, then down most recently to 2.3 or something around there. This didn't seem to mean much b/c his skin prick that he had repeated around the same time as the bloodwork was still very large. I don't think the numbers mean much. Our dr said he would repeat again in 2 years but I'm going to ask for one year. We follow the skin prick and completely avoid.