RAPTS in Canada?

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Am new to the whole PA thing...my Dr suggested only that we wait till 2 yr old son is at least 3 to do any testing for PA, he has shown hives from touching PB. No mention of any blood tests, so am hoping to hear from Canadian parents who know. Are we doing this testing here? If so, am curious how they would take blood from a 2 yr old(?). Also, any reason we shouldn't do it, if it is available? Sounds reasonable to want to know for sure rather than endure needless worry, especially since this sounds like a safer procedure than skin tests. Any help you can provide is really appreciated, thank you!

On Mar 16, 2006

Hi there. I am from the US, but thought I'd reply anyway as my pediatrician also told me to wait until my son was two to test. Luckily, I listened to my gut and took him to an allergist anyway (after his 3rd hive incident via peanut ingestion though). He was RAST (blood) tested for IgE specific peanut allergen, as well as a few others. The doctor would not do a skin test as that meant exposure. And, they took the blood out of his arm (he was 16 months old) just like they would an adult.

Before the allergy was even confirmed, I left the allergist with a prescription for an epi-pen jr. Hives is a symptom of anaphylaxis and each anaphylactic episode can be different. It might be hives one time and breathing problems the next time. Reactions also tend to be cumulative (get worse through exposure). If your child is reacting to just touch, I would insist on further testing and insist upon having a an epi-pen.


On Mar 16, 2006

I live in Canada and we just had my 18 month old son tested. They will draw blood just like an adult from the arm. One thing our Allergist told us, in BC they will only pay for 5 test anything over that you have to pay. Not sure which province your in but just an FYI.

On Mar 16, 2006

I am also new to PA, dd will be seeing an allergist next week for the first time. I am also worried about SPT. However, I can assure you that drawing blood from a baby is pretty much the same as adult. Instead of using a regular syringe like thing with the test tube attached, the needle for babies are actually attached to a tube and then the test tube therefore it's more flexible when working on babies. dd has had blood drawn from her twice when she was around 13 months for reasons other than allergy. She screamed the first time because the nurse tried to swaddle her. The second time we just sit dd on daddy's lap while I distract her, and she was fine.

On Mar 16, 2006

Adam has been tested twice, however it was called an Immunocap for peanut, rather than RAST. It is not covered by the health card in Ontario, you must pay for it (can't remember how much, under $50).

We used EMLA cream prior to each test, he never felt a thing [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]