Raleigh/Durham, NC- Wilmington

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Hi, my family and I are traveling to Raleigh/Durham and then on to Wilmington beach area in early August. I have a PA daughter and didn't know if there is anyone out there that can suggest safe restaurants in those areas. ANY help would be greatly appreciated! THANKS!

On Jul 17, 2003

Hey there, I live just up the road from Wilmington (camp lejeune/jacksonville area) and I go down to wrightsville beach and wilmington all the time. I have eaten at the Outback in wilmington and they are good... actually the hostess there also has a severe PA and she recommended a bunch of restaurants in the area for me to go to. so if you would like i can drop by that restaurant sometime this week and find out what she recommends.

have a great time. :-)

On Jul 17, 2003

Hi- I would greatly appreciate any help you could lend in this area.....I don't want to send you out on a trip but if you have a chance to speak with her I would apprciate hearing what suggestions she has........here in Ohio The Outback is not safe because they use peanut oil....guess it is good to know it is safe there! I look forward to hearing from you. We leave Aug. 2nd- THANKS SO MUCH! Sara