raiseing awareness,am l approching it the best way?

Posted on: Thu, 05/10/2001 - 3:26am
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Joined: 03/26/2002 - 09:00

phello, soon the support group l run will be haveing a stall at our local carnival,7000 attended last year.br /
we will support the british allergy foundation and the anaphylaxis campaign. who have been bril.br /
during the day with the raffle/ leaflets/ small items to sell/t-shirts,br /
l plan/hope to have a few trainer epi-pens and large posters with the symptoms of food allergy.....br /
my problem is this,l have asked qualifed nurses to give demonstrations and am in the process of trying to find doctors who have had experience with allergys to give a demo and talk to any one about allergy, but is this the best way?br /
will this method help folks get over the "needle " problem ,? will it help someone recognise someone with allergys and phone for help stateing annaphylaxis/ severe food allergy?br /
l have had some positive feed back and some negitive. l guess l really want you out there to tell me the truth... am l wasting my time?should l channel this another way?br /
l feel the adult allergy folks should give me the better advice, someone said to me today that, if l even take the approach that its simple first aid,l should remember that the majority of joe public havent the first idea about first aid.br /
so, looking for help yours truley willing to listern williamsmummy please excuse bad spelling 4 kids driving me doo lally ./p

Posted on: Fri, 05/11/2001 - 2:53am
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Sounds pretty good to me. Maybe you could have a bunch of food products displayed that would seem ok, but are actually labelled "may contain" so people can see that it's not a matter of just staying away from actual peanuts.

Posted on: Fri, 05/11/2001 - 5:49am
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brill, will do thanks ,

Posted on: Fri, 05/11/2001 - 9:51am
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This sounds terrific, the one thing I would like to get across to joe public is how oozey, sticky and messy pnb+j sandwiches can be - though how to demonstrate it without the real thing would be a problem- that the stuff gets on the floor, kids clothes, all over their faces etc so that parents may think twice before they put a huge dolop on their kid's bread and, we can always hope, send something else in for lunch. Best of luck!

Posted on: Fri, 05/11/2001 - 7:03pm
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ohh. yuk dripping pb sarnies, not sure l could cope with that one perhaps a picture of one with a good caption.
l am going to make some egg nut free cakes to hand out , trying , l hope to get the message across that even if you have allergys you can still eat cake and live a normal life (whatever that is....) with just a few precautions... , anyone got any better ideas to get that message across?
bye williamsmummy

Posted on: Sat, 05/12/2001 - 12:22am
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Hi Williamsmommy: it just dawned on me today how many people are unaware of what a Medic-Alert bracelet/necklace looks like. On thing that people should be aware of,is that if they see a child with a Medic Alert they should NEVER offer that child food (ie, food allergies, diabetes, etc). I think a lot of people are unaware of this and it would be helpful if they were more informed.

Posted on: Sat, 05/12/2001 - 7:43am
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good point will get big poster and leaflets from medic alert.
thanks, williamsmummy

Posted on: Sat, 05/12/2001 - 8:29am
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You mentioned having some egg and nut-free cake for people to try. How about having some copies of recipes to hand out also? There are a lot of good ones on this site and also on other allergy websites. I especially recommend the applesauce brownies on the recipe board.

Posted on: Sat, 05/12/2001 - 6:48pm
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Joined: 03/26/2002 - 09:00

hello , good idea , have done that already, going to print a few cake recipes to hand out. thanks, williamsmummy

Posted on: Sun, 05/20/2001 - 10:49pm
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Joined: 03/26/2002 - 09:00

thought l would give an update on the carnival yesterday.
the idea to hand out cake recipes was a good idea, handed some out to 2 puzzled cooks one who worked in a day nursery one one a private nursing home.
l made 200 egg and nut free cakes, which were propped by a large notice board with allery posters on etc. (and vics poem )
had some very funny reactions to the cakes loads of folks sniffed them! one woman cane around four times and took a huge handfuls much to the embarrassment of her daughter !!
on the raiseing awareness front many of the BRITISH ALLERGY FOUNDATION leaflets were picked up, as well as those from
ANNAPHYLAXIS CAMPAIGN . THE doctor l had on hand for advise had only a couple of people with questions about their allergic symptoms etc,, so i think it was worth the effort of finding someone. l have manged to get a couple more members of my support group. had a request to find a guest speaker for a local charity (They wanted me , no thanks) l will find a very good person for that , ha ha!!
the "may contain" packets made quite a few people stand and think, for instance the baby wipes and shampoo with almonds and hazelnuts , etc.
on a bit of a poor note the ST JOHNS AMBULANCE ,trained volenteers that attend functions such as the carnival did not have anyone trained in epi-pens, no total surprize there then, hmmm perhaps tackle that one next year if l stil have any energy left.
l have raised a little money but as that wasnt my main reason for being there l can say that the stall was a succsess, but it did take a lot of effort considering l have organised this in only 2 weeks, oh boy, do my feet ache!!! thanks for all the very good advice !!!!
bye williamsmummy

Posted on: Mon, 05/21/2001 - 2:21am
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Joined: 05/20/2000 - 09:00

Sounds like you did a great job! Glad it went well.


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