Radisson Cable Beach - Nassau



Thought this may be of interest to many of you looking to travel....

We just came back from a 4 day all-inclusive vacation to Nassau. We stayed at the Radisson Cable Beach and apart from one small incident with my PA son (before I had a chance to stop him he was standing 1 foot away from an open vat - okay bowl - of peanut butter and got hives on his legs, which cleared up with Benadryl) we all managed to eat the food without any problems.

We spoke to the head chef and food and beverage manager before we booked, and once we got to the hotel - both of them were great and told us what to avoid and what was okay. They even made special arrangements to speak with the restaurants where we were going to eat on our stay. They were knowledgeable and helpful.

Thr funny thing was we had the most problems with customs trying to get out of the Bahamas - none of them knew anything about epi-pens and what they were for. I had to spell it out in easy to understand language and they finally let me through with them - and I even had a letter from the allergist that they didn't want to see. That and a bunch of people eating peanut M&Ms while we were waiting at the gate were the most annoying things about the trip.

It was our first venture with the kids (one of them PA) outside of NA and I am pleased to say we will be doing it again soon.

Take care, Rita

On Jan 5, 2005

Rita...this is helpful. We are on our way to the Atlantis next week and our first trip outside of the states w/ our DS who is PA. Can you recommend any of the restaurants that you ate at outside of the resort? Thanks!

On Jan 6, 2005

Hi robinlp - sorry we didn't eat outside the resort this time around with the kids.

Good luck to you next week.


On Jan 18, 2005

robin- how was your trip? We stayed at a private home- just got back late last night(jan 17/05), but ate out at the "Poop Deck" ((kids were laughing uncontrollably at the name, but the seafood was great!),

Cocoloco's (Cable Beach), Hard Rock Cafe (Ds had the hot dog/fries )and Villagio's (Sandypoint) - for a really nice meal out (DS had spagetti alfredo and loved it).

We did cook at home a lot, too. No allergy problems, though DS became more vocal and quite unsure about the meals. We often fed him "enough' to tie him over before leaving the house. Flew Air Canada and he wouldn't eat on the flight - nothing guaranteed...good thing we packed lots of snacks!! Hope to hear about your trip! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Apr 2, 2005

Hi, Batman, I also was looking into going to the Radisson Cable-Beach resort this summer, as part of a large extended family vacation (extended family that is, only a 4 night stay). Anyway, I have been communicating with the kitchen at the resort and they told me about the peanut butter in their sate sauce which is on the groups menu and that they don't use peanut oil. Then I read your post about the "vat" of peanut butter which was out and your son got near! Yikes! I was wondering if you got any information before going about the nearest hospital? Because I know that here at home, if we needed to administer the epi-pen it would have to be followed up by a trip to the hospital immediately and here (NY, USA) I'd just dial 9-1-1. Just wondering if you had a plan in place when you went and what it might have been. My 7 year old PA son has never actually needed the epi-pen but his allergy is severe and he's probably never had (knock wood) a servere enough reaction because we've been very careful. We avoid Thai and Chinese restaurants, etc. Anyway, "the family" is planning to go in July and even though everyone is excited, I am starting to have nightmares. We haven't taken my son out of the country yet. If I picture the worst case scenario, I'd be trying to air-lift him to Miami! I know, I'm a worrier, so is my husband. Any info? Thanks, KathyL