Quick! Williamsport PA Little League Stadiums Quick!

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For full disclosure, I'm LaurensMom but cannot seem to log in to post so created new account. Haven't been here in while.

My nephew is in the Little League Championship games in Williamsport PA. We decided to make the 8 hour trek by car to get there to see him play. We made all the arrangments and lo-and-behold...duh...we didn't check to see if the stadium was peanut free!

There are two stadiums in Williamsport. I do not know which one he is playing at. Anyone have any information on any of these stadiums? I've googled and 'Bing'ed but cannot find contact info. Any info would be fantastic. We're supposed to be leaving Friday a.m. and need to know if we need to change plans.

Thanks in advance

By BestAllergySites on Aug 20, 2009


Thanks for the full disclosure!

I would suggest you call the family or little league team to find out which stadium. I would then call the stadium to see if they 1. serve peanuts 2. have a peanut free section to enjoy the game in.

They might just surprise you or they many not be able to accommodate you.

We have been to small league baseball games and find the stadiums to be much more friendly (even with peanuts served) then a large major league stadium meaning that the seats are larger, there is fewer attendance, etc. therefore we don't worry as much.

If there are those eating peanuts around us we kindly ask them 1. not to 2. to do so more safely ie not throw shells everywhere 3. we move.

Hope that helps! Ruth

By jenniferbfab on Aug 20, 2009

The phone number for the Little League World Series is 570.326.1921. I left a message but am not sure if I will hear back today. Try calling and see if you can get some answers. BTW, let us know what you find out!

Good luck, Jennifer B. www.foodallergybuzz.com

By Michaels Mom on Aug 22, 2009

I have friends and family in Wmspt. I put a call into one the team "uncles". Hope to hear back later tonight. My husband and I seem to remember peanut shells...funny how you don't really notice until PA!