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Quick Orange Fruit Cake

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I got this recipe from my sister. It only has 3 ingredients in it, no egg, nuts or sugar (good for diabetics). All measurements are metric

375grams of mixed dried fruit 2 cups of Self Raising Flour (sifted) 2 cups of orange juice

mix together (mixture may seem "wet" but don't worry!) put in square(20cm) greased and lined tin bake 160c for approximately 45mins (my oven took 55mins) check

cool in tin then on wire rack

I also have another one that is very easy (I may have already posted this one but don't think a second showing will do any harm!)

Soak 1 cup mixed dried fruit and small cup sugar in 1 cup of black tea over night Add 2 cups of Self raising flour

cook in greased loaf tin 180c for 45-50 mins

cool in tin and then on wire rack

can be buttered if liked.