Questions on daycare/school for FA children


My son is 2yrs old and had an anaphylactic reaction to eggs. He also tested highly allergic to peanuts

On Dec 3, 2007


I see that you haven't had any replies for a couple of days, so I will take a shot. There is no way to know what kind of daycare compliance you will find until you visit. We were in a small daycare and moved about 20 miles to a little more suburban area. The differences among the new daycares were amazing. Our current smaller daycare was a lot more flexible and willing to work with us. We were just another number at the many new daycares that I visited. We did go with a larger daycare for about 2 years, but the problems we encountered were not worth it. The staff turnover negated any amount of teaching that we accomplished. We now have a nanny. I work 3 days a week. It is cheaper to pay the nanny by the hour than it was to have 3 children in full time daycare. She loves my children and protects them almost as well as I do. Have you considered this option?

On Dec 4, 2007

I hadn't thought about the nanny. We did originally when our son was born, but we just never got around to dealing with hiring someone and it was easier to send him to the local daycare. Which luckily, has worked out great!

Yeah, I can see how staff turnover could be an issue. That is one thing we have not had to deal with here - at least for the main people who deal with my son.

Although, with only 1 child, now that we're moving closer to the metro (we are in rural MN now) I have a feeling it would be much mroe expensive and maybe even cost prohibitive. Although I know daycare will cost more, too. I guess I always worry with nannies, about how do you find a good one. I know this is an issue with daycares too, but at least they're not coming into your home and it's not just one individual.

I don't know... I guess we'll have to investigate and see what the results are.

Thanks for your suggestions.