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Posted on: Thu, 01/17/2002 - 2:31am
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I am one of the room mothers for my son's 3rd grade class. Several months ago a girl in his class was diagnosed pa. We didn't find out about this until Halloween. She is very good about knowing what she can and can't have, and her mom has sent in various treats she can take if there's a special occasion at school. As a matter of course, whenever we send out notices about class parties, we always ask for treats without nuts or peanuts. Yesterday, however, we had an embarrassing situation. Turns out it was the teacher's birthday, and one of the other class moms ran out and bought a birthday cake at the last minute(we found out that morning). She bought it at the bakery dept. of a large dairy/produce store, that is most definetly off limits for a pa person. (The store clearly states that there is a risk of cross-contamination of most of their baked goods). The poor mom didn't realize it until we were cutting the cake what she had done, and felt positively awful. She was so apologetic to the girl, and felt so guilty. I happened to be there because I was in the building for another event, and even though I had nothing to do with buying the cake, I felt horrible too.

So this leads me to some questions: First of all, is there any commercial bakery cakes (such as Entenmenn's, Friehoffer's, etc.)
out there that is "safe"? We are located in lower Fairfield County, CT (just outside NYC). Would it be appropriate to call the mom and ask her what baked goods or other treats are safe for her to have? Even though we ask for no-nut treats, would it be OK to elaborate and state flat-out something like "there is a severely tn/pn allergic child in class, please do not send in anything that contains nuts". I have been a room mom for several years for two of my kids, and I can't believe that some people ignore this request.

On a side note, I ran a ziti dinner last night for our school. This same mom marched into the back of the kitchen, asked for the person in charge (me) and asked how all the food was made, what was in it, could she see the cans, what was for dessert, where did it come from, etc, etc. I was very impressed and gladly shared all the information with her. Since we bought the meatballs and did not make them from scratch, I couldn't show her the label, since the boxes had long been thrown out. So she just told her no meatballs since she couldn't read the ingredients. I did explain to her about the cake, and she was very nice about the whole thing. I also told her about this website and how wonderful everyone was on it.

Since this little girl will be with us in school for the next 5 years, we want to do better. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks much!!!

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