Questions about PN allergy in 11 month old?


Hi, this is my first post here and wondering if anyone has had a child like mine. Just trying to find some real examples, experiences that are similar to my daughters. We are under the care of a doctor and know what I receive is not medical advice.

A quick history, my dd was diagnosed with reflux at 3 weeks old, dairy, soy, and eggs were all eliminated from my diet (breast feed baby) at 5 weeks old. When she was 7 weeks old, my husband ate a peanut butter sandwich and touched my daughters back, after an few min's my daughter had a perfect red hand print on her back where he touched her. Then next day she had bad diarrhea with blood mixed in. At that point, all peanuts and tree-nuts were eliminated from my diet. I also removed all peanut products from our house and do my absolute best to prevent her from being around them at all. She had a negative rast at 3 months, but that was assumed a false negative due to age.

In the past 9 months or so, she has had a handful of reactions to different foods that she has gotten a hold of some how. Just yesterday, when I went to my parents house, I noticed a jar of peanut butter sitting out on the counter. I couldn't smell anything, but asked my dad when he had eaten it and was told it had been at least an hour. Figuring this was ok, I stayed for about 30 min before leaving. Early this morning (about 16 hours after exposer) my daughter woke up with bad diarrhea and a somewhat distended belly. Could this be an airborne peanut allergy? There is absolutely nothing else that has been different in her diet or mine. She hasn't been anywhere where she was out of my sight and could have gotten something and directly ingested it in the past 2 days. She is also acting perfectly fine, not sick at all.

I have already left a message with her GI, but they continually dismiss the fact that her peanut allergy may be airborn at such a young age. Telling me that it is exceptionally rare, almost unheard of. I am trying to get her rast moved up so we can have an epi pen. I'm terrified that her reaction is going to switch from a GI issue to not breathing, and they wont give an epi pen with out a positive test. Has anyone else had a baby so young with such bad allergies? Did is progress past GI and if so when?

Wow, this got really long, thanks so much for reading and responding. :-)

By BestAllergySites on Mar 16, 2010

I'm not a medical professional so I really can't answer your questions in a way that you need and want. It sounds like there are many different issues here.

I would say first and foremost--you need an EpiPen if you don't already have one.

Also, you should probably seek a second opinion of another allergist/doctor. If you don't feel right with the one you are with--you should switch.

I wish I could help more. But some things are best left to medical professionals.

By barbfeick on Mar 17, 2010

One of the books I read talked about a daughter of a physician who had a severe peanut allergy and eventually died from it. The family went on a vacation and the daughter wouldn't go in the motel room. She stood outside and said there were peanuts in the room. The family could not smell anything. They tore the whole room apart and found a peanut butter cup still in the wrapper deep in the couch under the cushion.

I have a friend with a daughter with a fatal fish allergy. If she smells fish cooking, she has to go to the emergency room. The epi pen isn't enough.

You are fortunate that your daughter reacts visibly. You do not need a doctor to tell you to keep peanuts away from her. Just do it!

Question... was your daughter vaccinated?

By tyoiuder on Mar 19, 2010

Thanks for the replys. She is still seeing a GI doctor due to her age, he will transfer her to an allergist between 18 months and 2 years. He did give her an epipen and pulled blood for another rast on Wednesday.

I think my head is just spinning because short of putting my daughter in a bubble there is no way I will be able to protect her from other peoples food. It's just a horriable feeling to know I cannot keep her safe 100% of the time. It just sucks. The doctors cannot seem to tell me how sensitive she is and says its just more of a wait and see how she reacts in the future.

To the last poster, my daughter is has never been vaccinated, with the exception of the vitamin K shot that I wasn't allowed to refuse because I had a C-Section. I may start vaccinating after she is 3, but am undecided for now.

By tyoiuder on Mar 19, 2010

One other thing, has anyone ever had trouble getting a pharmacy to fill an epipen? The first one I went to, the pharmacist refused to fill the prescription saying my daughter was to young and to small. I was honestly in shock that a pharmacist could/would deny a life saving prescription that my doctor obviously felt was necessary.

I ended up getting it filled at another pharmacy, but it really bothers me they can do that.