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Hi, A friend with a PA son, showed me the Twinject she carries for her son.

I just called my local Safeway Pharmacy (Arizona) and they are available in adult & kid doses.

Does anyone have Twinject instead of Epi-pens? I have a new prescription for Epi but may ask the dr. to prescribe Twinject instead as it is much smaller.

Any comments or feedback on Twinject?? Thanks, Adele

On Jul 30, 2007

I asked our pharmacist about Twinject also and so she dug out a trainer that she had. She had some difficulty figuring our how to work it at first so that was the deciding factor for me in sticking with the Epi-pen. We both agreed that because the epi os for a 12 yo child that it was best to carry to epis rather than 1 twinject. Just my $.02

On Jul 30, 2007

We have Twinjects which we carry with us--more epinephrine for your $$, plus they take up less space! I like having that backup dose even though it takes a few seconds to unscrew the cap to take out the little syringe inside. I'm not sure why people think it's so complicated, it seems pretty straightforward to me.

We have Epipens for the kids at school since the school is not allowed to administer a second injection using the same needle. They will take the Twinjects, but will only use the first dose.

You can see more info online at [url=""][/url]


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On Jul 30, 2007

we carry the twinject. much more compact than epis, and the backup dose is comforting. the instructions are attached inside the device as well so that you have them right in front of you (which i think is enormously beneficial in an emergency situation). after a little practice, they become as simple to use as the epi, i think.

On Jul 30, 2007

What Momcat and Shoshana said.. plus ours came with a trainer and a video. We like it better.

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On Jul 31, 2007

I got a free Twinject a while ago when they did the coupon program. It's my home epipen. My roommate is a pretty smart gal, and I timed her to take the Twinject, read the directions, and administer. It was twice as long as the regular epipen.

So...I carry regular epi's with me in case someone else has to give it to me. The Twinject at home b/c I can train my roommate.


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