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Posted on: Sat, 03/17/2001 - 11:41pm
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pMy son is 5 1/2 yrs old. He tested positive for peanuts, eggs, and cats when he was a year old. I believe he has outgrown the egg allergy - he tolerates eating baked goods with eggs although I still don't give him whole eggs. /p
pI don't believe his allergy is very severe as he has had peanuts accidentally and his reactions were not that bad. The first time was with Snackwell cookies. I thought they were safe to give him (this was about 4 years ago) because the box didn't say they contained peanuts. Then my son's ecszema (on his cheeks) started to flare up more and I went through the cupboard trying to figure out what caused it - and they had changed the ingredients list./p
pThe next reaction was at age 2 1/2 from my dad giving him a few peanuts by mistake. His lower lip swelled up and he had some reddish streaks on his neck. I gave his epi-pen for that reaction and took him to the ER - where they gave him steroids and released him after a few hours. /p
pHe also had a bite of a PBJ by mistake about 4 months ago and had no reaction that I could tell. We have still been totally restricting the peanuts though. /p
pHis dr. has said in the past that most children do not outgrow this allergy. But I am hopeful. Has anyone known anyone who has outgrown it? /p
pAnother question...Has anyone heard about a study by Johns Hopkins University regarding a possible shot? I was told a few years ago that they were studying a possible allergy shot but haven't heard anything else about it./p
pThanks in advance for any comments!/p

Posted on: Sun, 03/18/2001 - 12:09am
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Hi! In response to your post I wanted to add some info I read in my Nutrition Action Newsletter (April 2001)that confirmed what I already had been told by several doctors. "Most kids outgrow their allergies by the time they reach adolescence, but some allergies-particularly to peanuts, nuts and seafood-rarely go away. They require lifelong vigilance, says Hugh Sampson of the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York."
Also as far as the allergy not being severe, unfortunately we have to treat it as such. In speaking to at least 2 prominent allergists in my area, a severe and potentially fatal reaction can happen at any time. As an example someone who is PA can be exposed 10 times and not have anaphylaxis. But the 11th time might be. It can happen without warning or it might never happen. I found that I prefer to err on the side of caution and vigilantly restrict my sons diet.(and believe me he is not suffering!!lol hes almost as big as me!) My son was diagnosed at 2 with PA and had an accidental exposure at 4 at preschool eventhough they were aware of his PA. He is now 8 and hasn't had a reaction in 4 years. Not to say that he will never be exposed again because of undeclared ingredients and as he gets older he might make an incorrect food choice, but I treat his PA as if one minute exposure might be a fatal one. No, I'm not overprotective and I discourage any of my friends, family or school to cater to him or baby him for he needs to learn that he must learn to deal with this, and that the world does not stop revolving because he is PA.
Also yes I heard something about injections I think if you look on the peanut allergy web site that is shown on this web sites home page I think you can find it there(?)
Well God Bless and B-well and safe.

Posted on: Sun, 03/18/2001 - 12:20am
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Just to clarify my statement that I don't want the school to cater to him. They have a peanut free zone, by our state law there must be a teacher who is assigned to my son who is responsible for him if he has an exposure such as she must be trained in CPR and the administration of his epi-pen and to implement the EMS system. Also all the parents of the children in his class were made aware of his PA by the teacher. So I dont feel the need to ask for too much more there since hes been in the school for 4 yrs with no reactions. Thanks for reading didnt want anyone to think that I didnt think it was serious enough for the school to not be proactive. God Bless!!

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