question re: food allergy policy in school:Canada

Posted on: Wed, 09/05/2007 - 3:36am
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I'm curious as to what the the protocol is at your schools regarding food allergy and anaphylaxis. In ther past we were able to include Benedryl in our emergency plans, however this year there is an epi-pen only policy. Is this the norm in all Canadian schools?


Posted on: Wed, 09/05/2007 - 3:43am
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Gilli, what Province do you live in?
I'll have to check my son's medical paperwork that he brought home yesterday (I'm on Ontario), but my emergency medical plan for him has always been EpiPen alone anyway - never Benadryl supplied to the school or spoken about with them.
However, I do remember when my son was in Grade 2 (different school board district in Ontario), I read (upside down) another PA chlid's emergency medical plan and it did call for Benadryl, and then if, if, if....
I ask your Province because I'm wondering if this might have to do with Sabrina's Law somehow or how the principal of a particular school is interpreting the legislation.
Are you dealing with the same school that used to accept Benadryl?
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Posted on: Wed, 09/05/2007 - 4:13am
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We have always had benedryl included in our sons plan because he has environmental allergies. If he only has itchy eyes and a snuffly nose, he is to decide if he only needs benedryl. Other symptoms, epi and dont' worry about benedryl.
We are in BC, and our school district's policy so far is no policy, it is up to each principal to decide. Which has worked well for us so far, but now that he is in HS, I'm thinking Sabrina's Law (which is currently a bill in BC) may be very helpful.

Posted on: Wed, 09/05/2007 - 4:32am
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We are in Ontario and just started at a new school. The old school never questioned Benedryl being left in the office but the new school said no one had ever tried to leave Benedryl before. I have to give them clear instructions on what it is to be used for and these instructions stay with the Benedryl. It made me a little uncomfortable but I plan to go in and talk to them again soon about it.

Posted on: Wed, 09/05/2007 - 4:36am
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Thanks for your replies. I am in Newfoundland and we are dealing with the same school, but a new provincial policy. My children also have environmental allergies and often have spots, swelling and itchiness (all of which are listed on the new protocol as potential signs of ana). I would hate for my dd's to be injected with an epi. if all they needed was some Benadryl. I realize the need to act fast when dealing with pa and tna, but I'm not so sure I want the only option to be the epi.
In the past the action plan was:
-if there is no sign of breathing difficulty, have child spit out food, rinse mouth, wash affected area.
-give specified amount of antihistamine, contact parent.
-observe child and administer epi ant any sign of distress.
-if any breathing difficulty administer epi and follow normal routine (call ambulance, family....)
This policy worked for us, others had the option to indicate epi-pen only. We contacted the provincial school board and they told us they were following the national standard. I am curious if this is indeed the protocol.
Cheers, Gilli

Posted on: Wed, 09/05/2007 - 8:30am
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Google "Food Allergy Action Plan" at [url=""][/url] (FAAN)...the new format distinguishes between the need for Benadryl and Epipen, or both.
Perhaps you could explain this is a standard format and there are times when just Benadryl is sufficient?

Posted on: Wed, 09/05/2007 - 9:29am
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Gilli, do you have a copy of the new Provincial Policy? Are you able to ask your school or school board for a copy?
I looked at my son's medical information form to-day and I can certainly put that I want Benadryl used if I want - although there is no mention of Benadryl on the form, just the EpiPen.
Personally, I'd like to see a copy of the policy.
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Posted on: Wed, 09/05/2007 - 10:34am
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Thanks for the link Twokids, I will print that off and take it to thr Dr. ATM, the provincial board is sending out a copy of the policy to us in the next few days. I can let you know what it says. They did tell us that it was based on a national standard. From what I can gather over the last day, many parents dealing with PA were not aware of the change, nor were teachers...leaving it kind of late if you ask me.
Thanks again, Gilli


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