Question about whose getting NPB money?

Posted on: Wed, 04/16/2003 - 2:50am
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It was raised in a recent and rather hot thread as to who is getting money from the National Peanut Board including the organizations outside of the U.S.? This is a quote from a magazine, The Peanut Farmer. This is also from a June 2002 issue so the information provided is not entirely up to date. Judging from other things I have seen and read since that time, I assume that the proposal$ were not rejected by the Anaphylaxis Campaign in the UK:

"The Peanut Foundation is taking what FAAN has learned about educating the public about peanut allergy management worldwide, says Howard Valentine, executive director. The National Peanut Board, the American Peanut Council, the Peanut Foundation and several state grower groups have funded research and education programs, including FAAN

Posted on: Wed, 04/16/2003 - 4:10am
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Anonymous (not verified)

river, thank-you, as always, for posting this.
I am particularly enangered by this comment:-

Posted on: Wed, 04/16/2003 - 7:37pm
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I know I am going to regret this, but....
I am making some enquires to see if the camapign has accepted NPB money and why. This article is all too vague and the mention of bans to whishy washey for me to think that this is decent reporting.
But what I want from you are decent questions.
please list the reasons , with link how you think the NPB have affected our childrens lives, and how they will in the future.
looking forward to a decent constructive thread here please!!!!

Posted on: Wed, 04/16/2003 - 11:25pm
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Speaking of decent reporting...................
I spoke with Chet England yesterday from Burger King corp. [img][/img]
re: rumor of deep fried pb bits/sands.
I am waiting for an email from him. If it doesn't come today, I will call and confirm my email address with him.
Hoping I gave him an accurate description of my email address over the phone. [img][/img]
Now returning to the regularly scheduled thread [img][/img]

Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 1:20am
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Hi Sarah,
I'm not exactly sure what else I can say that I haven't already---or what you mean in the word 'decent.' But I'll try.
How is this type of arrangement harmful?
The assortment of American Peanut Industry organizations where involving themselves in peanut allergy issues years before the National Peanut Board was even created. They were not thinking internationally at that point. I think that this early 'intervention' is why people see such a difference between the U.S. and Canada when it comes to this issue.
The fact that peanut allergy ignorance has been pervasive in the U.S. gives some indication of the harm that can be done. Ignorance is always harmful.
American media has barely touched on an issue that by it's very nature would normally have them crawling all over it.
It's just beginning to be 'talked' about but in a very controlled way. Wherever it pops up in the media, there is either the National Peanut Board involved, (such as the incident with 48 Hours), or a NPB funded organization such as FAAN.
The National Peanut Board says outright that it closely monitors the media, in order to make 'corrections.' I personally find this an oppressive practice although not uncommon in the modern world.
So let's imagine that you head a small food allergy charity group, when all of a sudden some big cash starts coming your way. There's lots of talk over free restaurant dinners about how a 'partnership' makes sense---how, we're all in this together yada yada yada.
This money is pretty nice--- with it you can do all kinds of good things. Loads of awareness stuff, etc. Also, your job starts taking on a lot more importance. You're flown here and there. Quoted in newspapers----of course you need to give yourself a raise with all this new work.
Also with the money, your little charity has been able to grow. You've hired all kinds of new people---maybe moved to a new office---new furniture too?
Wow---now you're rocking! Your the head of quite an important organization and things are looking good.
The problem is that a very significant portion of your operating costs comes from your lovely benefactor. But this money is only a gift. There is no deal here, they can pull out anytime.
So what if they don't like something you say or do---of course they're going to pull out. Why should they give you money if you're just going to give them trouble. But if they do leave, you're not going to be able to continue on. People will have to be fired; you're going to have to take a big pay cut; and everything you worked so hard for will go down the tubes. Your entire world is now being threatened.
What do you do?
Rationalize---tell yourself well, they're not asking too much---maybe they're right---I have to continue making people aware----I have a whole stack of emails from people thanking me and asking for help----maybe they are right on this one---I can't let the rest of the people in the organization down---how can I tell Jane she's been let go---she's just bought a new house---no, I guess what they're asking isn't too much---no I think it does make sense.
Most people would reach this point.
The National Peanut Board is not a bunch of hillbillies who just fell off of the turnip truck. They hire savvy advertising agencies such as Gordian Marketing, who I believe advised them to set up the Scientific Advisory Council in order that they "own" peanut allergies.
How can any of this be beneficial to our children?

Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 1:36am
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Quote:Originally posted by river:
[b]The National Peanut Board is not a bunch of hillbillies who just fell off of the turnip truck. [/b]
Actually, that is the image of them that I have in my mind... hahaha [img][/img]
Although I would think it is more accurate to say [i]The National Peanut Board is not a bunch of hillbillies who just fell off of the peanut wagon[/i]
Seriously speaking, you do make a good point. Similar to the idea that President Bush's election campaign received tons of money from oil companies (and Dick Cheney also has personal links to oil companies) and surprise.. surprise... Bush is determined to drill for oil in the Alaskan wildlife refuge. Money makes the world go round and we eventually get dizzy from the spin.
The [b]Nutrition Action Newsletter[/b] printed by the CSPI (Centre for Science in the Public Interest) refuses to accept any advertising to prevent any appearance of a conflict of interest. For example, it would look odd to have an article promoting the health benefits of increased consumption of vitamin C next to an advertisement for Tropicana orange juice.
I guess another question would be is a substantial amount of the funding for the allergy association (ie: 70%) provided by the National Peanut Board, or is it an insignificant amount (ie: 10%). This would make a difference.

Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 1:46am
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Anonymous (not verified)

river, I think my biggest concern and fear of having the NPB involved with allergy/anaphylaxis associations is that they will want to *push* the no ban thing and they provide, what appear to be legitimate arguments against bans (the false sense of security b/s, etc.).
We have a PA parent posting on this board right now who is having the most horrific time trying to get her son simply through the door of a public school with a 504 Plan.
She has been put through the ringer over something which most people consider simple.
Yes, all parents cry when their wee one first goes to school, but PA parents, in America, in particular, have to bloody fight to get their children in the doors of the school. Never mind just *normal* things like separation anxiety and crying as your wee one heads through the school door.
We have been extremely fortunate in parts of Canada, that we do have policy in place that gives our children the *right* to a peanut free classroom. Of course, it isn't always easy, as was proven again this year with the difficulties I had with Jesse's school or him having a reaction at school. And we still have different worries than a non-PA parent. It doesn't just go on the first day of school, for some people it goes on the whole year that our children are in school (some may suggest those types of parents need psychiatric help - NOT!).
Then, the school wants to be educated about PA and turns to what many considered a *trusted* assocation or organization like FAAN. They receive information saying that bans aren't needed (and in that one particular comment in your first post in this thread - that bans actually cause children to have more reactions - where the he** the logic in that comes from I will never understand) and you, the PA parent, as labeled Psycho Mom from He** and who knows what the school administration thinks of your child?
I live in Canada. I do have a relatively easy time of it as far as getting my PA son through the door of the school. However, once he's inside the door of a non-peanut-free school, I still have worries (which is okay, I recognize that my son has a potentially deadly food allergy).
Again, I'm concerned about allergy associations not helping us in the ways that we need to be helped. Now, as far as I can understand from what has been posted on this board, FAAN doesn't actively advocate AGAINST peanut free classrooms anymore. Perhaps they simply say nothing.
How does that help the PA parent that is trying to get her son through the door of the school period and who does have some requirements of the school?
Okay, so perhaps FAAN isn't there for advocating. Who the he** is?
I understand that peanut producers would love to see PA go away. I understand that they are losing a big market when there are rising numbers of PA children/people in the world. So, perhaps they are putting their money into associations to help make people more allergy aware and also perhaps to come up with a cure (notice the use of the word perhaps please). But, it does make one wonder.
To the best of my knowledge, and I would have to contact Chris and ask him, but I don't think receives any money whatsoever from the NPB.
Where is the best place that you know of to get information re PA? Is it FAAN or is it Where is the best place to get information about 504 Plans and how to get them implemented? Is it from the membership of or is it from FAAN?
I am concerned about the association between the NPB and allergy associations. It's a mixed concern.
As I posted in another one of your threads, river, re the NPB or the Peanut Bureau of Canada, many pharmaceutical companies donate money to associations that are there to help people with different medical conditions. I'll use The Migraine Foundation (or it might be The Migraine Association now) as my example again because I have been a member for years. Am I concerned that they receive a large part of their funding from Glaxo?
Yes, I am.
Their newsletter and the information contained within it has changed a lot from the days when the Foundation was run by one woman, Rosemary Dudley, who you could actually call and speak with on the phone when you were crying with your latest migraine.
I remember asking them a very specific question about re-bound headaches and the fine line between re-bound headaches and actual drug addiction. I never received a clear answer. Could that be because I was speaking about pharmaceutical drug addiction and I was asking a Foundation heavily funded by a drug company? I don't know.
I did receive information about re-bound headaches, which I already had. But I didn't receive an answer to my actual question - re pharmaceutical drug addiction.
Again, my concern, especially when I read that absolutely stupid remark in your first post, river, about bans and more reactions, is that we won't have places to turn to as easily when we need information.
I was very fortunate last year. I had to contact Anaphylaxis Canada by phone when I was asked to sign the liability waiver at Jesse's school. The woman I spoke with (not Jane Salter) was adamant that I NOT sign the waiver. Would she have been as adamant if half or more of her actual salary came from the NPB?
That's my basic concern with their involvement.
williamsmummy, I'm glad that river raised an issue that you want to look at more closely, for personal (and perhaps posting) reasons.
Please let us know what information you do receive.
river, again, thank-you. [img][/img]
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 1:56am
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I was wondering if the allergy associations and principals were also receiving donations from the Dairy Board "Got Milk" campaign and the Egg Board "The Incredible Edible Egg". This will help to put into perspective if this is a practice across-the-board, or if it is solely the NPB. Where can we access this information?

Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 2:39am
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Another thought, and please no flaming, is that it seems that FAAN is reluctant to endorse a peanut ban primarily because they are an association who represents various severe, anaphylactic food allergies. How would they choose to just select peanuts to ban?
My son has multiple anaphylactic food allergies, so that even with a peanut ban, he would not be safe (maybe 1/4 safer). I can see how if ones child is only PA, then a peanut ban would certainly make sense to ensure their child's safety. Hence, the need for an individualized plan, and the ability to create a safe environment for every child. Also, since it seems that severe allergies are increasing to various foods, maybe it would be beneficial to rally for "food-free classrooms" in schools to both ensure the safety of all severly allergic children and to have strength in numbers.
One more thing, I'll probably get flamed here, too, but Oh well. In my perspective, as the parent of a multiple FA child, I am not able to differentiate how the NPB does anything differently than the Dairy Board or Egg Assoc., or any other organization that represents a product to sell. They are all set up to represent their constituents, and will use their monies and influence to sell their product, and put a spin on anything that might disturb their bottom line. This is Free Enterprise; what is the alternative?

Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 3:34am
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Andrea, you bring up some good points worth discussing.
Your idea about food-free classrooms sounds great to me, but that doesn't address the bigger dangers of lunch rooms? Especially in schools that actually serve peanut butter.
You also indirectly raise a good question as to whether or not peanut allergies require a higher level of defense than other severe food allergies. I think so, given these facts:
-Children have died from exposure to trace amounts of peanut butter---this includes deaths at school and in camps.
-A peanut allergic person can possibly become airborne reactive at anytime.
-The nature of peanut molecules make it very easily transferable. Also the incredible sticky nature of peanut butter just adds to this problem.
-The incredible numbers of peanut allergic children add to the risk and make it more difficult to ensure safety.
Perhaps the Dairy and Egg Boards would be reacting the same way if they were faced with the numbers that the NPB faced. I don't know. I did a very quick search of various boards and most of them did not even address allergies. The ones that did appeared to be honest about it, (but that's just a fast glance.) Certainly if you find anything that does not tell the truth, you should email them out-right.
Free Enterprise is not an all out feeding frenzy. To be a healthy and functioning part of a democracy, it also requires ethics. WorldCom and Enron are good examples of where ethics were tossed out the window in the pure pursuit of profit.
Our world is a work in progress.

Posted on: Thu, 04/17/2003 - 5:08am
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Does FAAN, publish details on its accounts?
For instance every year allergyUK send me a yearly report that gives details of all income and outgoings etc, and where funding , donations came from.
As a member I have a right to see exactly what my money goes.
How do you all feel about NPB donations to fund the 'cure'?
What are there reasons for this? surely they dont need any more customers,? they have built themselves up in to a large filthy rich company after all, and if my vague memory serves me , it has produced a president hasnt it??!!! ( dont know which one, can barely remember the kings and queens of England these days!)
Perhaps they want to avoid being sued?, for growing a dangerous food?? !( Well, thats our/ societys fault for developing a compensation culture. )
Think how a legal action like that would effect our childrens lives?, it would lead to all our children being excluded from school life, and as employment.
Its seems that the main problem here is not the NPB, its the charitys that support them . Perhaps they are taking too much money from one source and allowing them too much control.
Its possible.
But is that fact?
We live in an odd world, we are in a minority here, a growing one, yes . But still for many, food allergy is not something the everyday person has heard of.
For the main part we are only going to make the national newspapers if someone dies, or in the medical sections that have articles on the lastest studies.
It could all appear as manipulation, but is just a simple lack of interest, there are after all so many small groups of people desparate for media to help them raise awareness of there conditions or cause.
I will come back to this soon, but the kids are off school for easter and need washing before MIL sees them tomorrow!!!


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