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question about toddler son

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My son had an allergic reaction (quite severe) to peanut butter about 4 weeks ago. Today we saw a pediatric allergist, who did a scratch test on him for tree nuts and peanuts. He tested negative. She said we should still be concerned, and act as though he is allergic. She also is sending us for a blood test. Has anyone else had a PA toddler, who does not react to scratch test? Thanks in advance!

By cervonil on Oct 21, 2010

That's interesting. How old is he? What else was he eating? Was this his first time eating Peanut Butter? (I'm wondering if he reacted to something else ie. the wheat in the toast or something) What type of reaction did he have - did he have to go to the ER?

By teacher101 on Oct 21, 2010

He is 19 months, 18 months when it happened. It was his first time eating pb on toast, but he had been exposed to nuts before. We did not go to ER, just Dr.The reaction was swelling, coughing, saying "hurt,hurt" and a lot of crying. After about 6 minutes, he had a huge projectile vomit (just once) and he went back to normal right away. Dr. was convinced it was a peanut allergy, and was very suprised by the results of the scratch test. That is why I am wondering if anyone has had a false negative test? We too tried to think if it could have been something else, but everything else is fine for him to eat, and he had eaten it all several times before incident. Thank you for your help!

By HookwormIsHope on Oct 22, 2010

I've never heard of that...I say do a couple other tests, too. The blood test ect. It may show differently, I've heard of that happening before.