Question about receiving First Communion


My dd is receiving her First Communion in April. I am concerned with the ingredients in the host she will be receiving. I checked with our director and she told me that it is just unleavened bread, made of either flour and water or wheat and water. She said she would check with the company for the exact ingredients.

I do recall someone here posting years ago about their dd who received. I think she said there was no problem with the host, but they had to leave the church because the priest used a peanut for a visual aid or something during his sermon. I mentioned this to our director and she told me she would alert the priest not to eat PB before the ceremony. That's OK for that day, but what about if she continues to receive thereafter? I can't be guaranteed that every priest or eucharistic minister didn't have PB for breakfast before mass!

I was wondering if someone had any experience with this they could share. If it comes down to her not receiving thereafter, then that's what I'd do to assure her safety. I'm sure God will forgive!

Thanks for your help!

On Feb 3, 2003

Hi Linda-Jo,

I remember that thread started by Greg a few years ago...I will try and find it for you as I posted in that thread as well & re-raise it for you.

My son made his First Communion last year and everything went great!

Have you thought about becoming a Eucharistic Minister? That way your daughter could receive Communion from you and know it would be safe! I haven't done it but is always in the back of my mind.

I'll go and find that thread for may be on a different board.

Found's on the *Living with Peanut Allergy* board. [img][/img]

------------------ Stay Safe!


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On Feb 3, 2003

Hi Linda-Jo,

My son is 12 now and has been receiving host since 1st C. We had concerns too as at the time he was allergic so many foods. It was one for the times that someone other than we called and checked were the church gets the hosts from. He's been fine eating this. The wine I had questions/ concerns about but evenually he had a sip of that and has been fine. I have discouraged dinking the wine re don't know what others have eaten. Take Care, Jandy

On Feb 3, 2003

Posted in this thread:

"I have discouraged dinking the wine re don't know what others have eaten."

When we were catholic, and received communion we never drank the wine. We were worried about communicable diseases.

In our church they now use little individual cups and no one drinks off anything.

I will note that the shared chalice had nothing to do with our conversion. We do find the non-shared method nice, however.

On Feb 3, 2003

I think there would be a risk of cross contamination from the ministers and priest handing out the First Communion. I have seen them (not intentionally) touch other people's mouths plus you don't know what they have eaten.

I guess I am a worry wart but I don't take communion anymore.

Also, another thing to be concerned about is if you are allergic to berries,melon should check out in detail what wine they are using.

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On Feb 3, 2003

Woiuld it be unreasonable to put a piece of safe bread in a Baggie and have it consecrated on the altar along with the rest of the bread, then have the child receive it in the Baggie and then take it out and eat it? This is what I'm thinking we're going to request for DD when the time comes. I hope and pray we would never have to let food allergies prevent DD from participating fully in the sacramental life of the Church!

On Feb 3, 2003

Cathlina, I don't know about the rituals in your church but in ours, they allow you to take communion in your hand, which is what my son does. (He does not take the wine because we don't know what others have eaten and we don't want him drinking behind them, even though they wipe the Chalice after each sip).

Linda-Jo, before my son made his First Communion last year, I met with the director of CCD and she is a phenominal person anyway and we made sure there were no peanut ingredients in the bread. My son has never had a problem receiving communion. [img][/img]

I wish your daughter all the best in the receiving of this Sacrament!

------------------ Stay Safe!


On Feb 3, 2003


My daughter made her first communion last year and takes both species (bread and wine) and has never had an issue. We are front pew sitters anyways (my son likes to be able to see the priest) and so invariably my daughter is the first or second person to take communion which reduces the risk of contamination.

You may wish to ask about the procedures for Eucharistic Ministers - in our parish they all clean their hands with antiseptic wash and wipes at the back of the Church before proceeding to the altar to assist with the consecration of the bread and wine. I imagine that most parishes have some sort of similar procedure. It has not been a concern for us, however, because we make sure we receive from the priest himself (who, of course, also washes his hands during the Eucharistic Prayer).

I think you should do what is best for you, but perhaps think of this as a way to become more involved with your parish.

take care


On Feb 3, 2003

Connie, thank you for re-raising that thread. It's been very informative.

Very good suggestions by all. I like the idea about always going directly to the priest. He does wash his hands during preparation and he knows me and my situation.

Becoming a Eucharist Minister is a great idea. Unfortunately, I sing the mass my daughter attends so I couldn't do both. Maybe someday in the future I'll be able to Minister at a different mass.

A few weeks back, we had to attended a church other than our own. During mass, we all went up to receive communion when I noticed my dh stayed behind. When we got back to our pew, I asked him what was up? He said as he was getting up he noticed that the Eucharistic Minister that was handing out the communion had just wiped her nose and he didn't have time to stop me before I went up! Gee, thanks honey!! He ended up going over to a different aisle and getting it directly from the priest! So, I guess you never know what's going to be on their hands!

Thank you all for your wonderful advice! I'll let you know how everything turns out!

On Feb 4, 2003

My DH and I discuss this all the time!

If God were to protect you, then you could receive all the time and not even think about the ingredients. But that is not the case.

In our church, there is bread and also the body of Jesus. The body is received by all those who choose to receive USING THE SAME SPOON. Obviously that is not safe and none of us go up there to receive ever. Their feeling is that God will keep you safe from the germs/nuts that the previous people who received have.

I don't think so. If we won't eat in a restaurant, what makes this so safe?

On Feb 5, 2003

My personal belief? (This is directed at no one in particular, just what I believe.) God has set into motion certain cause and effect relationships on this planet. Expecting God to waive them for me(expecially if I am aware) is, in my opinion, tempting God so to speak. I live by faith, yes, but also by understanding, instinct, and good old fashion common sense. As I remember, Jesus didn't jump off the cliff.

Side note, If there was a situation that influenced or prohibited me from participating in something Jesus set as an example and commanded me (as a believer) to do, I would discuss it with my pastor. I hope I haven't made anyone feel excluded, but it is a thread about The Lord's Supper.

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On Feb 5, 2003

My dd is also receiving her first communion this May and I have been thinking about approaching the priest about the same issues raised here. There are some very good suggestions here, however, we do not attend mass regularly and I am really stressed when I think about approaching the priest about our concerns. Obviously, they should be concerned about everyone's safety. Anyway, I think I will set up a meeting closer to the date.

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On Feb 5, 2003

There are a lot of older people in our church that still want it the old fashioned way...priest or minister puts it in your mouth.

On Mar 3, 2003

My ds received his first communion yesterday, and within 5 minutes said that his throat "hurt". We left and I gave him juice, because I wasn't sure if it was a reaction or just the texture and newness of it. After the juice, it still "hurt", so we treated with Benedryl. It didn't progress to any other symptoms, and he was fine in about an hour, although I watched him all day. He says that it was a reaction, and although he is only 6 y/o, he felt it.

Now, I'm not sure if he reacted to the ingredients or cross-contamination. I called the manufacturers of both the host and the wine (grape juice), and was reasonable satisfied, although the rollers for the host are sprayed with a veg spray, which contains soy (fine for ds) and lecithin (they didn't know what kind, but I let it go because others have eaten it with no problems). I guess that it could have been cross-contamination, although I spoke with the Reverend (who is very understanding of ds's allergies) before-hand, and we felt that it was reasonably safe (host is placed in hand and dipped).

I'm just feeling really sad about this, because I thought that this would be something that ds could participate in, just like everybody else. Maybe this has to do with the fear that we experience when our kids react and we don't know whether it will be serious or not.


On Mar 31, 2003

Hi, Just an update. . . We were not able to determine if ds reacted to the wafer, the juice, or to cross-contamination sometime during the process of communion. He did not want to try it again to find out(can't blame him), so what we decided to do was to bring his own wafer and grape juice. I never imagined that I would be baking communion wafers, but we do what we must. (hint: make sure that they are rolled very thin; my first batch was not thin enough and ds thought that they were way too chewy).

The Reverend was very understanding and was willing to do whatever we felt necessary so that ds could participate, as communion is very important in our church.

What we do is: I give him the container with wafer and juice, and he keeps it on the alter and includes it during the communion ceremony, and hands it to ds when he comes up to receive.

It was a good lesson for ds also, because after he reacted, he thought that he would not be able to participate in communion, but he learned that he can do most things that others w/o food allergies can do, but sometimes he needs to do them a little bit differently.

Anyway, I am still looking for a better-looking container (tupperware on the alter looks a bit out of place), so if anybody knows of a two sectioned (that doesn't leak together), small, more appropriate container, please let me know.

Thanks, Andrea

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On Mar 31, 2003

I really think this is a brilliant idea for people who have problems with accepting communion. I have looked up some options for you.

Maybe this would work?

There is a portable communion set at


which is very nice but a bit pricey ($185.95) or you could try the Tepola which is $41.50 and is basically a metallic cup and saucer:


There are lots of other sets with 6 cups that you could use - just do a search for portable communion set. Here is one that costs $37.60


Good luck


On Mar 31, 2003

DebO, Thank you so much for finding and posting those links. Andrea