Question about rast results


Hi there,

I'm a long time reader of this forum. I have a 3-year old son who was diagnosed at 18 months with a pn/tn allergy. He initially had a reaction to a pecan and the allergy was verified by the skin prick test. He's now had a RAST and his results for peanut were .90 or Class 2. He also tested positive for walnuts, pecans and cashews and his numbers were all in the Class 2 range (between 1.25 and 2.47 I believe). He was negative for almonds.

So, do most people just retest every few years to see if the allergy worsens?


On Nov 13, 2007

Hi JenK, my dd had her last rast about two years ago. We plan on getting her re-tested this year. I would not say it gets better or worse as the numbers don't indicate reaction possibility. My dd is level six plus on the rast and she is not contact sensitive and she has only had her initial reaction. There are some who are class one or two who are contact sensitive and have had many reactions.

On Nov 14, 2007


for us my son wasn't diagnosed until he was 3, we retested at 4 and his #'s had sky rocketed. He is class 6 to peanut and 2 to one of the two treenuts they tested. I plan on retesting soon he is 5 and a half as the allergist did not test all tree nuts the first time around and I would like to know for each individual treenut. After that we probably won't retest for a couple of years as at his age things are less likely to change, or change quickly. Unless he was having unexplained reactions or something.

On Nov 14, 2007

We found out our son has the peanut allergy at 11 months. I was told after our first appointment that he would not need to be tested again until before he started school at age 5. After a few phone calls I ended up having him tested again before his 2nd birthday, his numbers did drop a little which I was happy about (but still a class 3). I am going to wait until he is 5 before we test again, however from the information that I have got of this wonderful site you can have it done yearly. Good luck!!

On Nov 14, 2007

My DS had his SPT done at 4 months and at our last appointment the allergist said he will do another SPT done in May which would be 1-year from the first one. He said he will only do a CAP RAST if his SPT wheal is smaller. But we are moving anyways so we will have to find another allergist when we get moved. I think when we are all moved and find a new allergist I'm going to ask for a CAP RAST to be done, just to have a baseline either way, then I would like to test yearly.