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Reading the other post about questionable allergies. This is my DD. positive to PA on SPT. First allergist says: "She's allergic- you must get rid of everything peanut, nothing at all allowed."

Ok. Second allergist says, "may not be allergic due to history, however because of multiple food allergy history, best to avoid for time being." Then he says in a few years it will be fine.

See him again sometime later, he says, avoid for a lifetime. If any allergen is ever re-introduced it sould be because she rebels or makes a mistake in the future. Hopefully she will know then whether or not she can tolerate it.

Help. I know she has had pb in the past and peanuts and never had problems except maybe tummy aches.

But I have also heard the stories where a child has eaten it for years and then BAM! Years later has an ana reaction. Can this be true? Has this happened to any of you??? This is what makes me the most scared.

Ok. Just wondering.

------------------ Kara mom to 4, wife to 1 Elise 5- (eczema, NKA) Mary 3- (egg, peanut, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, organge, avoiding: tree nuts, shellfish, most dairy, eczema) Franklin 21 mos- (eczema, NKA) Cecelia 4 mos-(NKA)

On Jun 7, 2007

Hi Kara, If your DD has had a positive SPT and "never had problems except maybe tummy aches".....I would absolutely take her PA positive test very seriously!

I am adult-onset PA. Years ago, before I knew I was PA, peanuts gave me a stomach ache. I didn't make the connection because the stomach ache usually came a couple of hours after eating them. Now I am anaphylactic.

Hope this helps.

On Jun 7, 2007


I'm agree with Adele. Just because the symptoms are not classic, does not mean they are not symptoms.

I had terrible stomachaches/vomiting as a child, diarrhea as a teen, and finally sought help as an adult with "IBS". I was diagnosed with MFA and removed from all offending foods.

My Allergist said I had common symptoms as a child that were not recognized by my Ped. The elimination diet gave me immediate relief, from what was by then bloody diarrhea, pain, weight loss, etc...[i]I had at one time been told I was developing Crohn's.[/i]

At the time I was diagnosed, my list was beef, chicken, pork, egg, fish/shellfish, apples, pears, peaches, strawberries, rice, corn and chocolate. None of the wheals were small. He told me that some might be cross-reaction, but there was no way to know other than to remove from diet for a period of years, then re-introduce. (SPT only was done at that time.)

I now tolerate beef, rice and corn.

I "cheated" often with shrimp and became ana soon after my daughter was born. I had my first systemic reaction (involving GI/resp/cardiac) in Greece while on vacation. I stillI cannot even be in a restaurant with seafood now.

[i]I really wish I had not cheated. I never knew it could get worse. The GI symptoms were terrible, but not consistent. I could "get away" with it sometimes.[/i]

I cannot even visit most restaurants now, as I react to shellfish cooking in the air. I wish my parents had known this when I was a child. My Allergist said there was a chance I could have "outgrown" more.

Nuts are a new one for me. Almonds popped up a couple of years ago, and I started noticing peanut reactions in the last year.

Tare care, Daisy

On Jun 8, 2007

Thank you for your responses. This is good to hear, but obviously makes me more nervous! My dd list looks similar to yours Daisy, with the meats and all.

People have also said have a food challenge, but to me that doesn't make sense if she doesn't have reactions now from eating the peanuts. What if she passed a food challenge but still tests positive? Couldn't she still have a reaction later on? It seems to me it's best just to avoid. But forever??