Question about Peas and Appearance of Reaction


My son has peanut allergy and he's 16 months old. So far his only visible reaction has been hives.

A few days ago I gave him some Progresso Beef and Barley soup, knowing that it contains peas and we hadn't done peas in awhile. I just watched him carefully and I didn't notice any sort of problem.

Then the next evening we gave him the rest of that can of soup (just to let you know it wasn't a separate can, had refrigerated the remaining soup to save).

We drained a lot of the liquid so that he could pick up some to feed himself with, so I don't know if this was just skin irritation. But he had a red patch under his chin. I saw no irritation on his hands and no hives of any kind. Would this be considered a reaction at all or just irritation from perhaps some acidity in the broth?

I wondered if the peas in it could be responsible but these days I'm so on guard that I don't know if I'm overanalyzing!

On Nov 14, 2006

I wish I could offer some advice. I completely relate to the frustration of a mystery reaction.

The only idea I had to share was that I find it helpful to remember to take a photo of visible skin hives etc. whenever possible. I've done this frequently with contact reactions, but I forgot with the reaction Mariah recently had to soup. She had a hive on her upper lip that I wish I'd photographed so that it could be added to her medical record. Sometimes I don't remember all the details of her past reactions, and I think having as much information as possible in one place~ specifically in her allergist's chart~ is helpful for future reference.

On Nov 14, 2006

When my son had a reaction to peas it was huge. He smeared the peas all over his face and where ever the peas touched was swollen and full of hives. His eye was even swollen shut a little. I was clueless and washed his face and it went away. (pre PA time) The next time I gave peas to him he developed hives around his mouth and they went away with benadryl. Called the dr at the same time and he said just to watch with epi ready. They went away. He hadn't had peas in about 9months then I got him SPT and cap rast were all negative, but he won't touch them. Used to be one of his favorites too. So I don't push it and let him skip the peas. A little redness sounds like irritation not a reaction. Why don't you have him SPT for peas? My son had many mystery hives before 2 and redness for no reason. They seem to have gone away now, but I am still constantly looking at his face, but it is such a sweet face :-)

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On Nov 14, 2006

Yeah I'm thinking irritation at this point too although I always still WONDER. I'll watch and maybe have him tested. I like the photo idea.

It would be easier to know about irritation if he weren't constantly smearing everything all over his face!