Question about \"Peanut Free Home\"

Posted on: Thu, 03/15/2007 - 11:38am
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I'm not exactly sure what this means. Obviously we will get rid of all nuts, peanut butter, etc. But what about items that say "produced in a facility that also manufactures food with nuts" or "may contain traces of peanuts"? Do I need to get rid of those as well or do I just move them to a place where my DD can't reach them? And if I want to eat lets say a granola bar after she goes to bed that has peanuts, would I need to wash my face/mouth afterwards before giving her a kiss or touching her skin the next morning (or even in the middle of the night)? Thank you!

Posted on: Thu, 03/15/2007 - 12:08pm
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Welcome to the board- you will read loads of info/opinions and 'meet' many helpful individuals.
Your question is a total comfort level thing, based on how individuals manage PA in their own lives.
I will tell you what I do and others will tell you what they do- it might not all match and that is OK.
You will establish your own comfort zone (and this can also change over time).
My DD is almost 11 and diagnosed at 18mths. Her first (only) reaction was minor facial hives (~2).
I keep a peanut free house. I do not buy 'may contain' or 'made on shared equipment' labeled items (except hubby's protein bars, which he consumes at work). I have bought 'processed in a facility' items, and DD may have eaten it.
We do have nuts in the house (DD is not allergic, but does not heavily consume nuts) almonds and sometimes pistachios. These are mainly consumed by myself and DH after the kiddos are in bed.
On occasion, I have eaten a PB cup at home, and do clean up after myself, eat over sink, rinse/brush mouth, wash hands and use paper towels. DD does not appear to be contact or inhalation sensitive.
PA is overwhelming at 1st and this board is a great support. You will all be OK.

Posted on: Thu, 03/15/2007 - 12:10pm
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Everyone comes to their own conclusions on this. With her being so young, at least have any "may contains" out of reach, and you'll probably want to somehow flag them "Not for the baby" or whatever, so you don't forget or end up with someone else giving them to her by accident. We have 3 things in our home that we wouldn't dare feed our PA 6YO DD (no actual peanut items), but we all know what those are and she doesn't even want them and we consider them low-risk to have around. If you were eating peanut butter granola bars, you'd have to consider where the little pieces fall as well as washing up well. Personally, I get paranoid about eating anything with peanuts actually in it if I'm going to be around DD anymore that day. But that's just to be on the safe side.

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