Question about peanut allergy?

Posted on: Wed, 11/05/2003 - 2:23am
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I am new here ,and I have a question about peanut allergy.
I heard that when your child eats peanuts as (let's say 1 or 2 year old) and doesn't have any sings of allergy within one day,it doesn't mean that is peanut allergy free,and may still develop it as an older person,becouse of being introduce too early.

I am very interested to find out if it really is a true?

or once you don't show allergy ,you will never get it?

If you have some info about it,would you give me some links or titles of the books which explain it?I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!


Posted on: Wed, 11/05/2003 - 3:18am
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the allergy can show up anytime at all. In fact you will find on these boards, people who developped the allergy as an adult.
Personally, I developed an allergy to seafood when I was 24. My son is allergic to peanuts from birth (or almost)

Posted on: Wed, 11/05/2003 - 5:33am
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Normally, you have to be exposed to the food at least once before developing an allergy to it. You can have it several times before the allergy actually appears. Some people have developed PA as adults, but most commonly I believe it happens to people when they are young. We were told at Johns Hopkins that "most of the time" not all of the time, kids who have tested negative after age 4 usually don't become allergic to peanuts. That doesn't mean they never will or no one after age 4 becomes allergic.. it is just typical or common not to become allergic after testing negative at age 4.
On the flip side, seafood allergies tend to hit people when they are older.. which must really be awful to enjoy a food for years and then have to give it up b/c of an allergy!

Posted on: Wed, 11/05/2003 - 8:21am
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I developed PA at 30 years old, my step daughter at 25. Neither of us had any allergies before.

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