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I wasn't sure where to post this.

There is a little boy on my daughter's after school soccer team that has severe PA.

Team manager has informed us we are going peanut free (this includes items that *may* have peanuts) because he can have a reaction just touching a child who has eaten a peanut product.

We each bring individual snacks for our kids.

Parents stay with their children.

Snacks are eaten outdoors on a hill.

The school bus drops them off at the park, and they literally have 3 or 4 minutes to eat and then start playing.

I usually bring a granola type bar (she likes one with almonds) because she can eat it quickly and while I'm putting on her shoes.

Can a child with PA really have that strong of a reaction? Is the manager going overboard?

I don't mind modifying what my child eats if another childs health is at stake.

I'm concerned that the manager is being overly restrictive so please correct me if I am wrong.

By cervonil on Aug 31, 2010

With my son's school the reason they don't allow kids to bring in "May contain" items is because kids sometimes share foods even if they are told not to. It is K-8.

the only statistic I've read is that 7% of "May contain" items are found to actually have peanut/nuts in them. Now if the PA child ate them he would certainly have a reaction, but I'm not sure how likely he would have one from touching a child who ate the May contain, as it wouldn't contain very much. I'm sure even if the odds are pretty slim, they just want to cover their butts and allow everyone to have a safe comfortable environment. It may be more at putting the mother's mind at ease. And trust me a PA child's mother's mind is never at ease - LOL

What about nutrigrain bars, would she eat those? I don't think they carry a "May contain" label.

By haveaquestion on Sep 1, 2010

The mom with the PA child sent out an email saying that it was not necessary to ban all peanuts and "may contain", but that she just wanted to make sure that no one offered to share any peanut items with her son.

These are little kids and parents are always right beside their children getting them to eat and put on gear so the sharing risk is going to be very low.

I think the team manager was trying to be accommodating. It's actually good that the manager wrote what she did, because it got me thinking and reading on this subject. Honestly because my PA exposure has been so limited I really needed the education.