Question about ordering Medic--alert braclets


When I went on the page for the bracelets , does everyone join the membership. I was wondering if that is important to do. I didn't know if most of you just purchased the bracelets alone. Thanks, kathy Ann

On Jun 18, 2002

Hi Kathyann, We chose to join the membership because if my son was in a situation in which he could not speak for himself, and there was no one with him at the time, all of his medical information is on record with Medic Alert (all allergies, medicines, doctors #'s, and our emergency #'s.) We just feel more comfortable that way. Take care, Andrea

On Jun 18, 2002

Kathy Ann,

No, I didn't join because I think the bracelet pretty well tells the story. They got money out of me for 2 bracelets already and I could have purchased them elsewhere but MedicAlert is world renowned.

Anyway, nothing is wrong with joining if you can afford it but I'm a SAHM and I have to buy my bon bons to you know [img][/img]

On Jun 19, 2002

ok I am confused when you pay the 35 dollars for the bracelet does that not include a membership?? I am planning on joining as soon as I can and I thought this was altogether????

TIA Leah

On Jun 19, 2002

Hi Leahtard, When I called today they said I had no choice , The first year is free and every year after is $20.oo. I did get one and after reading about what or what not to print on it I asked not to put anaphalaxis, because everyone posted that some people wouldn't know what it meant and if he should get lost in a store someone might not know what it meant and offer him say a cookie. She just said that the medic alert if not meant to alert laymen but medical personnel,but she did put what I wanted anyway. maybe there are other agencies to get these without joining a membership. Kathy Ann

On Jun 19, 2002

If you do a Yahoo search using "medical jewelry" or "medical alert bracelet" you should find several vendors. (Assuming you don't want the service) Also do a search of the Products board here.

I think the value of the ongoing service is that it can speak for your child if you can't (i.e. car accident). This is important if there is specific contact information that needs to be conveyed or additional medical conditions that won't fit on the bracelet. Also, you can update your contact info. online. So if your phone number changes, Medic Alert could have the new number to give to emergency personnel.