question about oil

Posted on: Tue, 09/07/2004 - 5:42am
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What types and brands of cooking oil do you use?

Posted on: Tue, 09/07/2004 - 8:51am
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We use Crisco Corn Oil and regular shortening. I called last year after receiving our diagnosis and they told me at that time they have no peanuts in the Crisco plant.

Posted on: Wed, 09/08/2004 - 12:56am
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Anonymous (not verified)

We use only olive oil... Bertolli and another that escapes my right not, I think Phillipo Berrio or something to that effect. When family was visiting we used Carappelli (?). I have contacted both Bertolli and Phillipo Berrio and feel comfortable with there replies. [img][/img]

Posted on: Wed, 09/08/2004 - 1:13am
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We use cricso corn oil, and Bertolli Olive oils. we have alos used the crisco spray without any problems.

Posted on: Wed, 09/08/2004 - 6:16am
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I use Wesson Canola oil, and Olive oil (extra light). I use PAM spray also.
We have never had a reaction after using any oils. I DO NOT use any nut oils at all!


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