Question about my RAST #\'s? I received my paperwork


I finally received my paperwork for my RAST test. I have a question. I was tested for Almond: <0.35 Coconut:<0.35 Peanut: <0.35 Pecan nut:<0.35 Sesame Seed:<0.35

The interpertation reads: <0.35 Absent/Undetectable Class 0

0.35-0.70 Low Level Class 1 & etc.

Does that mean my #'s are less than 0.35 & I'm not PA or TNA? I'm so frustrated because I know that I'm not making these reactions up & every time I've eaten nuts, I seem to trace back my reactions to PN or Pecans. My worst reaction was after eating some triscuit crackers along with 4-6 pecans....bam 15 min. later my eyes are swelling & I had ithcy welts under my eyes. My eyelids had an itchy rash on them also. The swelling didn't stop & with Benadryl it took 7 days for my eyes to get back to normal.

Sorry I just had to vent. Thanks for any input or encouragement that can be passed my way.

On Mar 22, 2007

I tend to think [i]history[/i] trumps RAST numbers. What did your allergist make of it? Maybe a different test will yield different results?

On Mar 22, 2007

Hi. I think it means your #'s are low, but it doesn't mean you are not allergic. Just not as high as someone else. I still think if you are uncomfortable during a reaction stay away.

I tested low for peanuts but I know how I feel when I eat them and stay away. I feel like I'm choking on sand. I don't break out in hives from peanuts nor do I swell. Most people can't tell I'm reacting.

I tested higher for tree nuts (don't remember my #'s). I think I'm high for shellfish and seasonal 4+ for trees, grass and mold.

Trust how you feel.

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On Mar 22, 2007

thanks. You're right, I know how I feel. I just find it so perplexing to see #'s that say I'm not PA or TNA. I question about renewing my epi-pen script,purchasing a medical ID bracelet & etc. I don't want people to think I'm over reacting. My family is more concerned than I am. They get that I shouldn't share any utencil with them if they are eating nuts or nut butters. They make it a point to tell me not to kiss me if they've eaten nuts.

Thanks, I'm just venting.

On Mar 22, 2007

I meant, they make it a point to tell me not to kiss them if they have eaten any nuts.

On Mar 22, 2007

What do those numbers mean?

They mean that you TEST negatively towards those allergens.

Doesnt mean squat IRT being allergic to something or not.

What others stated is true:

There are false positives and false negatives.. Testing is NOT 100% accurate for everyone.

Wise old person once said 'Reactions trump results'. Live by that.

If you eat peanuts, and have your throat close up, you're allergic. Even if the testing shows <.35



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On Mar 22, 2007

Thanks, Jason. I just have one question? what is HTH? I'm still learning all of the terms.

On Mar 22, 2007

I think HTH =

Hope That/This Helps

On Mar 22, 2007

IRT - in regards to


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On Mar 22, 2007

If your numbers are in that range, it means your body does not make IgE antibodies in response to nut/sesame antigens. By a doctor's definition of IgE allergy, you are not allergic.

However, there is another pathway for allergies - IgG. Ask your doctor about this if you really care to know. There are also food sensitivities which can be miserable, but are not considered allergies by a physician's definition.

The good news is that no IgE = no anaphylaxis risk.

On Mar 22, 2007

I am far from an expert re: RAST scores - still new to me, but within the last month hasn't there been two people here who had a peanut challenge (I'm assuming because they had scores like yours) and failed?

Will you be having a food challenge?

On Mar 22, 2007

Thanks for the abbreviation definitions.

That makes sense now, lol.

On Mar 22, 2007

Sally, yes I will at some point have a food challenge. I'm not sure when it will be yet, due to health insurance. My current allergist told me to abstain from PN & TN. I also have 3 epi's. I keep 2 in my purse & with me at all times, & 1 in my kitchen cabinet with Benadryl. I also keep benadryl caps in my purse, that's all I've needed to take with questionable reactions.

I'm not sure about who has had recent food challenges, but I sure would be interested in finding out what there RAST tests were & how they tested to the food challenge.

On Mar 22, 2007


Originally posted by BriandBrinasmom: The good news is that no IgE = no anaphylaxis risk.[/B]

Is that true? Could the test just be 'a bad sample' or 'bad allergen' or something else, kwim?

I would HATE to think that someone thinks they might not be anaphylactic to something based purely on a RAST of <.35??? I man, couldn't the test just be 'THAT wrong'?


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On Mar 22, 2007

I have yet another abbrev. ? What does "kwim" mean? I know I should probably know, but I can't figure it

I have to say based on research I've done on PA, I know that it's possible for someone like me, never having a severe reaction, could change in an instant & I can go to ana reaction. That's what stops me from eating something with nuts in it. I think, I could die if I eat that. Then it's just not worth testing myself. If I look back over the years, I'm definately having more reactions & stronger more consistant reactions. The only thing I can link it to, would be nuts.

On Mar 22, 2007

kwim - know what I mean?


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On Mar 22, 2007

I want to mention that I tested low on my RAST but my reactions have gotten worse and quicker too so be careful, especially with peanuts. I would still carry and epi. You don't have to go crazy, just be prepared just in case and still be careful. My reaction to tree nuts went from nothing to throat swelling (traces of peacan) from eating left over "safe" homemade apple pie that someone put into the same dish as the left over peacan pie. I didn't even know I was having a reaction I thought my throat was swollen because I was getting sick. I realized the next day when I saw the pies in the same dish at my MIL's. The first bite I felt my throat tighten up, and I didn't feel anything else till later - but then I don't react like everyone else. With peacans, my throat closes up and then opens up again (spastic type of reaction). Then about 1 hour later the swelling, uncomfortable. I thought it was all in my head. Family still make mistakes. Be careful.

On Mar 22, 2007

My ds's peanut rast was 0.47- quite low in comparison to many others on the board. HOWEVER, his reactions include: vomiting swelling of the face airway restriction that can completely shut down his breathing hives low blood pressure

So for us, the number means nothing. His allergy is just as deadly as someone with a class 5.

On Mar 22, 2007

The way I understand it, the blood test looks for antibodies to *specific* proteins. If you happen to be allergic some other protein in the food, the test will show negative even though you are having an IgE response.

Because of this, skin testing is sometimes more accurate because it uses extracts of the actual foods and therefore contains all the proteins that would natually be present.

Also, you may be allergic to something other than peanuts/nuts. You just haven't figured out what! If that is the case, you should definitely keep the epis with you since you don't know when you might have an unexpected reaction.

The only way to know for sure if you can tolerate peanuts or nuts is a food challenge but, of course, don't try this at home [img][/img]


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On Mar 22, 2007

I'm going to have to eat my words here, because I looked on a couple of sites and - lo and behold - although rare, it appears to be possible to have an IgE-mediated reaction without a RAST score >0.35:


"It should also be noted from the figure that a patient with an allergen-specific IgE level of less than 0.35 kU/L might still experience an allergic reaction

Consequently, if there is any suspicion of possible allergic reactivity, a negative skin prick test response, physician-supervised food challenge, or both are necessary to confirm the absence of clinical food allergy."

Have you had skin testing done?

On Mar 22, 2007

I did have SPT & I tested neg. to all nuts....but I was positive to cat/dog & dust & pollen & trees. I also have excema issues. I still know that the only thing I can link reactions with are nuts. Every time within 15-20 min. of eating nuts or TN, I itch or swell & have hives. At this point I'm just taking precautions & treating this as potentially life threatening.

thanks for the all of the info & encouargement.

On Mar 22, 2007

<0.35 This is the lower detection limit for the test. Meaning the test is only accurate down to <0.35

So, you could actually have a real value, say 0.20. But the manufacturer of the rast, based on experiments and equipment, only feels comfortable telling you it is <0.35

That doesn't necessarily mean it is zero.

On Mar 23, 2007

My 10 yr old PA son had many small reactions prior to the age of 4 after taking a bite of a peanut butter product and spitting it out (never actually swallowed one).

He has never liked the taste or smell of it, but we never thought it was due to an allergy. He would sit there for 2 hours and cough uncontrollably. Did this make us question peanuts? Yes. But when we mentioned it to the pediatrician she said, "Just don't give it to him."

In Dec. of 1999 he was at the next door neighbors house and they gave him a peanut butter cracker. They later informed me that he took one bite, spit it out in the dirt, and ran home. He was coughing, gagging, and couldn't swallow (saliva pouring from his mouth). This made me very suspicious but still could not get a referral to the allergist.

In April of 2000 he ate 3 small pieces of cashews. Within 15 sec. he had hives all over, coughing, excessive saliva, vomitting, and diarhea. After all of this he got very tired and would just stare into space. I believe his blood pressure was dropping. We did not have the EpiPen but would have administered it if we did. I called the pediatrician whose nurse called us back in 25 minutes and told us he would be fine, just to give him 1 tsp. of benadryl.

When he was skin tested in 2000 we found out he was allergic to peanuts, pistachios, and cashews (plus environmental). His wheals were bigger than an orange. We continued to be very diligent about avoiding nuts and reading labels, contacting manufacturers.

His next skin test in 2001 showed positive to peanuts and pistachios (wheal size 17mm) but negative to CASHEWS. He also tested positive to almonds and sesame. He physically reacted to the skin test with throat itching and diarheea. He did have one minor reaction that year.

About a year later he was RAST tested and the cashew (which was negative on the skin test) and pistachio showed up positive but the peanut was a class ZERO. The allergist recommended a food challenge. He was six years old and has not had a reaction in almost 2 years. It took at least four months before he would even be slightly comfortable with this idea. He cried each and every time I mentioned it. However, he did finally agree to it.

He reacted to the food challenge. It began with his tongue burning, but I completely forgot to mention that when the allergist returned as things got very chaotic when she entered the room. She checked his stomach, face, back and arms for hives. He was continually asking for a drink of water. At one point I noticed a red mark on his neck, very visible, but she missed it. Her opinion of this was that he must have scratched his neck. Next they attempted to give him a larger bite of pb and he completely freaked (understandable as for the last 3 years we trained him never to touch it). The allergist actually told him that he COULD NOT react and that the challenge was to calm the parents fears and to give us confidence. He was spitting it out and rubbing his hand on his tongue trying to get it out. I took a napkin and wiped it off also. My husband left immediately to buy some reeces pb cups or pb filled M&M's as we thought he might like the taste of those better. Within five seconds of his departure hives started to appear all over his face. His chin, cheeks, and one eye had hives on it. They did not want to treat this as a reaction. He was scratching his face but the allergist wanted to continue with the challenge. She INSISTED that he could not be a class ZERO and react with hives from that small amount. Her theory was that he must have irritated his skin while rubbing it off that he reacted in comparison to a skin prick test. You can still react to it many years after outgrowing the allergy. Finally, he started to become paranoid, his face was red and splotchy, and she decided to stop and gave him Benadryl. Her reccomendation was to wait another year. We had to stay for at least an hour waiting for the hives to disappear and during that time another hive did appear on his wrist.

A year after this he had another reaction. It does sound quite similar to one of yours. He ate apples dipped in a Caramel/PB sauce. It continued along the path of his previous ones (coughing, drooling, vomitting), but despite all the medications...his eyes stayed red, swollen, & puffy for days afterwards. He looked like someone beat him up.

He has not reacted in a long time. Maybe it is luck, maybe not....we have avoided all tests in the past 3 yrs and have moved away from that previous allergist (thank you God).

I just want you to know that there are others whose tests were considered negative that still have reactions!

On Mar 23, 2007

Naer74, thankyou for sharing your son's story. I can't believe that the allergist was so blind! I'm glad that you were able to switch dr.'s

I guess with having negative results for both the RAST test & SPT just made me question if I really am PA & TNA. BUT...then I remember all of the itching that occurs when I consumed nuts, & other hive/rashes & swelling. It helps to hear about other experiences about people testing neg. but still reacting.

I don't know why it's so hard for me to accept, but I'm getting there.

I'm so glad that your son is doing better!

On Mar 25, 2007

KIMMO, will your doctor keep prescribing Epi-Pens for you even though you've tested negative on both skin and RAST?

On Mar 25, 2007

I don't know if my dr. will still prescribe me with epi-pens. My family phycisian prescribed them to me when I asked him about my eyes swelling after eating the pecans. My allergist didn't prescribe them to me because I had a current script I guess.

I will follow up with my allergist durring the summer to talk more seriously about if I need to keep abstaining from nuts & whether I need to keep an epi on hand.