Quaker rice cakes


Does anyone have any info, safe or unsafe, on Quaker rice cakes?

Thanks, Adele

On Aug 2, 2006

i believe quaker will list for cross contact. they probably clean, i dont think they have dedicated lines. i dont use them because we have sesame allergy and i was told that it could be hidden in flavoring and not written in ingredient panel.

On Aug 2, 2006

Been meaning to call Quaker but I thought they labeled well. We use some of their mini rice cakes...mostly apple cinnamon. Some varieties are labeled for trace. luvmyboys

On Aug 2, 2006

ditto ditto.

Mini rice cakes are (IIRC) NOT labelled 'may contains...' but BIG rice cakes ARE labelled as such. There IS a reason, but I forget.

Our comfy zone? Go figure... We do the mini ones, SOMETIMES, but NEVER the big ones... just because we're 'used to' buying small ones... apple/cin only.

They contain something though - sucralose? Aspartame? Something that was 'new' in the last couple yrs, when they reformulated...

Im not concerned about 'allergy' to it... Im concerned - 'Isnt that in diet coke?'

Do I want to give THAT to my 6 yr old? kwim?


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On Jun 12, 2007

We used to use the large caramel corn rice cakes because there was no warning. I just looked at a package I had in my car and it had a "may contain traces of peanut" warning. I was so mad that I bought it but it was my fault for not checking each time. Sometimes I get so busy that I just buy what we're used to and then I get burned on something like this. I explained to my boys how important it is to check each time and not just eat what we always have because things change. Does anyone know if the small caramel corn ones are safe?

On Jun 12, 2007

They have recently changed some more of the regular rice cakes to be a may contain as they are producing a peanut containing rice cake on that line now. The mini rice cakes aren't listed for the production change.

On Jun 15, 2007

This is what I received in response to my e-mail:

"We understand your decision to no longer purchase Quaker Rice Cakes Caramel Corn for your sons due to the peanut warning on the package. Packages starting featuring this message in March of 2007, when we started to manufacture this product on shared equipment with peanuts. Please be assured that your comments are being shared with our Marketing Team.

We appreciate your business and interest in our products.

Brandon Quaker Consumer Response"

It was just a reminder to me to always check the package. We just moved and life has been a little chaotic with 3 little boys but I can't get slack in reading labels.